Adam The Nutritionist releases new eating system

Adam The Nutritionist from Alabama helps people lose weight with little exercise.

Adam “The Nutritionist” Burton is the creator of the “Ultimate Fat Loss Program”. A nutrition program that helps men and women lose weight with little exercise.

Due to everyone liking different food and having different work schedules. Adam has strict criteria to be admitted into his program: Participants need a food scale, a smart phone, a body scale that measures body fat % and they must complete a 20 min phone analysis to be approved for the program.

Adam believes that a scale that reads both body fat % and weight is the key to measuring progress. He wants to make sure you are losing fat, not just weight.

During the 20 min phone analysis, Adam determines what his/her weak areas are and why their past weight loss plan didn’t work. Then, Adam builds a custom strategy based on the food already eaten by the client and past struggles.

Instead of taking food away, his approach is to teach people how to eat the food they love in a more strategic way. Later, exercise is gradually added into the routine.

Studies show that dieting doesn’t work long-term. This is likely because a person can only abstain from their favorite foods for so long.

Adam The Nutritionist expertly crafts out the weight loss & toning needs of each client. Then, creates a digital meal plan that changes upon request to keep the body in fat-burn mode. Clients are required to have a smart phone to download the app.

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About Adam “The Nutritionist” Burton

Adam “The Nutritionist” Burton is a nutrition specialist focused on helping men & women learn how to lose weight and keep it off for good.

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