Detroit, Michigan based Drip Hydration Offers Efficient and Effective Mobile IV Therapy & Medical Services

Detroit, Michigan based Drip Hydration Offers Efficient and Effective Mobile IV Therapy & Medical Services
Drip Hydration offers direct-to-customer solutions for individuals who desire the benefits of IV therapy and the convenience of home, hotel, or office delivery.

Detroit, Michigan, USA – Drip Hydration, based out of Detroit, MI, is popular for its IV treatments, due to its caring, patient-friendly approach and affordable services. Drip Hydration offers various services that range from Mobile IV Therapy, Covid-19 testing, Lab tests, and monoclonal antibody therapies for COVID-19. The company has established itself as a leading provider of IV therapy services in its area of operations. Drip Hydration boasts impeccable services combined with indigenous procedures to provide an outstanding experience to its clients.

“We strongly believe in our patient-first approach. We focus on delivering our services in a patient-friendly environment so that every treatment is stress-free and convenient,” says Dr. Abe Malkin, Medical Director for Drip Hydration. “Our team of nurses and medical providers are committed to providing the safest and highest quality care to each of our patients. At Drip Hydration, we strive for excellence in the delivery of our medical services with safety being at the forefront of everything we do.”

Drip Hydration is the brainchild of Dr. Abe Malkin. Dr. Malkin received his combined MD/MBA degree from Tufts University School of Medicine. He then completed his Family Medicine Residency training at Kaiser Permanente in Los Angeles. Dr. Malkin is Board Certified in Family Medicine and an active member of the American Board of Family Medicine. He is the Founder of Concierge MD Los Angeles, a full-service concierge medical practice in Los Angeles, focusing on medical house calls for primary and urgent medical services.

“Wellness starts with a body that is in balance,” explains Dr. Malkin. “Our proprietary IV infusion blends are loaded with essential fluids, electrolytes, vitamins, and antioxidants designed to promote whole-body health.”

According to Dr. Malkin, IV treatments are efficient and effective IV drips treat a wide variety of conditions from dehydration to illnesses to anti-aging and more. Each type of therapy uses a specially-formulated recipe of ingredients that contains the ideal types and amounts of vitamins for the condition being treated. IV drips are useful for people of all ages and in all walks of life.

Unlike oral medications that must pass through the digestive and metabolic system, IV drips are administered directly into the bloodstream, making for a 100% absorption rate. The circulatory system then delivers vitamins and medications to cells for immediate use.

Drip Hydration offers twelve IV formulas to address a wide variety of health goals. These formulas have been blended specifically to improve health targets, so you can easily choose the IV that is right for you.

“Our patients are like our family. We want to make sure we provide them with the best IV therapies available on the market today,” says Dr. Malkin. “We offer select IV add-ons to boost your energy, bring you pain relief, combat nausea, and more. In addition to our pre-blended formulas, we can customize IV treatments to address your specific health needs, ensuring the most effective treatment for you.”

Emphasizing the importance of IV therapies, Dr. Malkin says, “IV drip therapy provides your body with essential vitamins, hydration, and electrolytes to support your health and wellness year-round. IV treatments improve your overall health and wellbeing, boost your energy levels, and help you recover from illnesses more quickly in addition to many other health benefits – all in one easy treatment delivered to you.”

Drip Hydration is known for its quick turnaround time and competitive pricing for its IV treatments. The friendly customer service team is always ready to answer any questions about the available treatments. As a result, the company has a growing list of satisfied clients who have shared positive reviews about their experiences.

“Booked my Drip Hydration package and the nurse came the same day in about 30 minutes. She was skilled and kept her materials as clean as you would see in a doctor’s office or hospital. I got the promised energy boost and am very happy with the results,” says a happy client.

At Drip Hydration, each member of the patient care team is dedicated to providing thoughtful, trusted, and friendly care. The entire staff is committed to ensuring every patient’s comfort and improved health. They strive to accommodate busy schedules by finding the best appointment times and adjusting as needed.

Clients can book their appointments online or by calling their customer service team.

About Drip Hydration

Drip Hydration is a mobile IV therapy company that brings IV treatments directly to you, wherever you are. The company also offers at-home Covid-19 testing for individuals and families, as well as onsite testing for businesses and corporations. All treatments are administered by registered nurses.

For more information about Drip Hydration and other inquiries, send an email or reach out via any of the phone numbers listed on its site.


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