Indy Roof Rangers are Expanding Their Services to Include Asphalt Roof Shingles

Indy Roof Rangers is a company known to provide a wide range of services. The team recently announced expanding their services to include asphalt roof shingles in the roofing department.

Indianapolis, IN – March 23, 2022 – Indy Roof Rangers is a dedicated roofing company in Indianapolis, IN. The team’s primary goal is to help people with overall home improvement. They aim to give as many services as possible, ensuring everyone’s needs are covered. There has been some demand for asphalt roof shingles and people who would like them installed and repaired. The team has taken the liberty to expand their services to include them. They announced their plans to do so in a recent public service announcement. The company also took time to talk about the main things people should know about asphalt roof shingles.

Indy Roof Rangers first introduced us to asphalt roof shingles. The room material is perhaps the most common roof type in residential homes in both Indianapolis and the US. Asphalt shingles are asphalt-saturated bases comprised of organic or fiberglass materials. Organic shingles are created from waste paper, asphalt, salt coatings, and ceramic granules. In contrast, fiberglass shingles are made from glass fiber coated in asphalt and minerals like mica, schist, quartz, slate, ceramic, or stone. The waterproof and fireproof properties of the shingles are due to the asphalt and mineral coatings. Asphalt shingles are often cut in a “three-tab” pattern, but they come in various shapes, styles, and colors.

Indy Roof Rangers entering the asphalt roof shingles sector will allow people to get installation, maintenance, and repair services. Asphalt roof shingles are durable, and from installation, a person can expect them to last 20 – 25 years. The team ascertained their clients that they work fast to make the installation done in good time. The company mentioned that asphalt shingle roofs can get damaged like any other roof type. If damaged, the best option is to get repairs done. If not sorted out in good time, roof leaks and other forms of damage can lead to more problems that will have the owner get a more expensive option in replacement.

Indy Roof Rangers encouraged all clients to contact them at any time to have any other queries answered about the service expansion. People can call or use their website to schedule an appointment. The group is proud to follow four main pillars when handling clients. They are communication, attention to detail, reliability, and efficiency. The company also offers commercial roofing services, with other roof materials such as metal roofs available. The team is Indianapolis’s top-rated and trusted company.

About Indy Roof Rangers

Indy Roof Rangers is a professional roofer in Indianapolis, IN. The company has a wide range of services such as installing, repairing and replacing roofs, gutters, windows, doors, and hail damage restoration. The company has quality craftsmanship and years of experience. The group has an excellent track record, and their affordability makes them the go-to team in the city.

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