The Times Global Top 300 Emerging Stylist – Noah Du

Fashion, for modern times, is a relatively broad concept. It appears not only in the streets, but also in the affluent stratum. But there is such a person, he always believes that if you have a heart to pursue fashion, then you are the style itself. 

Full of Praise, Low-key Sneak

Noah Du, the director of Noah Studio, the co-stylist for Shanghai Fashion Week, and the royal stylist for many celebrities, was very busy as a new and popular stylist in China before the epidemic. From national China to abroad, from New York to Milan, from the stage to the show, he and his partners are always working hard behind the glamorous stars and celebrities.

He is constantly on the way to chase fashion, starting from a young age and have never been stopped. With his outstanding talent and continuous efforts, he won the Times Global Top 300 Emerging Stylist Award a few years ago. He was very pleasantly surprised when he won the award, said that it was an experience “Beyond expectation”.

Aesthetic Enlightenment

“Doing this thing is entirely because I want to do it, so I can do it well.” He once said to the media.Talking about his aesthetic enlightenment, he said bluntly: his exploration of beauty comes from the movie “Roman Holiday” .When he watched this film, he repeatedly praised it, the movie itself was so glamorous and splendid, and the sensation was so moving.This is his first time of clearly understanding of art.

Besides watching movies, he also has rich experience in his daily life-times: watching shows, visiting exhibitions, taking care of his own images with different styles,being a modeling “strategist” for friends, learning about various fashion brands, and to organize various cultural and artistic exchange activities.

It was the strong perception of fashion in his youth that made him lay a solid foundation of cognition and gradually became the person he wanted to be. He also cooperated with well-known figures in the circle, such as Li Ruotong, Yang Xiyinzi, and Bai Bing, which allowed him to learn a lot of knowledge during his early career stage.

National Characteristics, Comprehend Culture

When someone asked him about his own sights of Chinese tradictional culture, he always raised his chest and said proudly: “The culture of my hometown has shocked me deeply. I have found a lot of inspiration here. I will continue to explore its characteristics and help him reach the public’s view in the form of art.”

In fact, he really did it. He integrated national culture into modern fashion creation, and his works were also recorded in vogue IT, the Bible in fashion field. During this working process, Du personally took part in every detail. Using the stylist’s unique artistic vision, he excavated many shining points of national characteristic culture and enlarged it infinitely. Now, combined with his work, he is slowly pushing his hometown culture to a better era.

Be Conscientious and Live Up to the Times

Now he is still engaged in the fashion field he likes and has developed in his pace. What a stylist’s daily work is not just simply make-up, he needs highly professional attainments, and Du is definitely a generalist in the fashion field. Du said that if he hadn’t possessed a certain technical strength and accumulated a lot of relevant experience from doing so much work in the past, he would not have dared to enter this business. “The current practitioners have many superficial understandings, thinking that a stylist is just someone who can make up, do some hairstyles, have a good appearance, can dress up, and can be in contact with celebrities. Urgency and urgency are common phenomena in modern society. In fact, everyone only wants the results they hope for, and often ignores the process of carrying many factors.” Every effort to burn the lights at night is his respect for the industry.

Time walks toward history, and fragments swept the entire river of memory. The glory of the times is spread in every corner, and those who chase their dreams will never be mistreated. I believe that in the days to come, Noah Du will continue to be engaged in the industry he likes and will continue to make his due contributions to this industry.

(Authors: Tianwen Yao, Sicheng Li, Qianru Wu,Yu Lun Wang, Zejun Li,Ruoxi Chen, Zheng Ma)

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