Zhenhua Shopping Center Releases Multifunctional Manual Meat Grinder

Take cooking tasks to the next level with the new manual meat grinder. This kitchen appliance product helps produce fine chopping of meats, garlic, chilis, potatoes and more

Zhenhua Shopping Center releases a cost-effective manual meat grinder with 5 stainless steel blades. The 5 blade grinder is much better than a 3 blade grinder. The 5 blade grinder is faster and more efficient than the 3 blade grinder. Zhenhua Shopping Center is a prominent kitchen appliance online store from China with many years of experience providing a wide range of kitchen appliances, household products, workshop tools, and more. A store representative said, “Our manual meat grinder is a versatile kitchen appliance which helps you prepare various kinds of condiments promptly. The product is cost-effective and built with high-quality materials. It is very easy to use. Just put the food materials in the grinder, and pull the rope to make the five blade spin.”

Zhenhua meat grinder is a versatile tool for making manual garlic paste without any hassle. Its stainless steel blade can chop boneless meats, onions, tomatoes, peppers, garlic, vegetables, coleslaw, carrots, and more into small and soft pieces. This manual grinder requires no electricity and is quick to set up. In this way, the preparation of cooking or making salad will be faster and more convenient. In addition, its large capacity can grind more food materials at once. This manual meat grinder is also waterproof and is easy to clean. Just need to wash the grinder with water for a few seconds and  it’s ready to be stored or reused.

A manual meat grinder is a simple tool for making garlic paste as it comes with a lid that prevents watery eyes. Using this grinder is quite easy. Open the lid of the container and load the blades. Put the ingredients in a transparent cup, close the lid, and pull the string. It is ready to use to grind a variety of food ingredients conveniently.

About Zhenhua Shopping Center

Zhenhua Shopping Center is an online store from China. They specialize in providing kitchenware and other tableware products. Their new product is a manual garlic paste grinder with 500ml to 900ml transparent containers for various kinds of food materials. For customer satisfaction and a great shopping experience, Zhenhua Shopping Center provides a $10 discount coupon for its products.

For more information about the product, please visit https://xiapi.xiapibuy.com/product/692487195/17012585198

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