Gasdank To Launch Metaverse Store For Easier Interaction With Its Community

Gasdank is about to launch a Metaverse store on Web 3.0. Using the latest metaverse technology, the platform allows the cannabis fans to interact with each other and make the shopping experience more fantastic.

Launching in 6 April, 2022, the Metaverse will allow the folks to purchase from the Meta store right through their mobile and PC devices.

By using mobile devices, the users just need to scan the QR code for transaction. The devices will recognize the QR code and open the link associated with it. From then, the users can purchase on or the place.

About Gas Dank

A mail-order business in Canada. Across Canada, we offer overnight delivery. In the Greater Toronto Area, Gas Dank can get the clients order to them right away.

The reason they are  offering these services is because they are  big fans of cannabis. This is what they do. One of the top cannabis distributors in the country, they want to get the best products to clients as quickly as possible.

A lot of things can make clients sick, but cannabis can help with a lot of them. The Gas Dank provider want to make it easier for people who need it to get it.

Customers at GasDank know how important it is for them to have cheap, high-quality cannabis that they can buy. If clients have chronic pain, anxiety, or any other condition or problem, they can help to get the cannabis therapy the users need. They can also help the customers with any other question or problem. They have an easy-to-use system that clients can use right now to start ordering. It’s safe to say that all of the store marijuana strains come from trusted local suppliers. They understand how important client’s order is and how important it is to protect their privacy. The staffs have come up with a quick and easy way to hide their marijuana use from their roommates or anyone else who might be interested. Customers can buy flowers and plant extracts from us, and the provider can sell them to them. The store has something for everyone, no matter what they like!

The store also knows about the most recent changes in the marijuana business. As long as the buyers are a member, they’ll always put their needs first. When they use high-quality service, they make sure everything is carefully wrapped and vacuum-sealed.

GasDank’s Affiliate Program

GasDank also have an affiliate network that lets people turn their followers into real money. Using the customers leads, someone will make a sale, and they’ll get a cut of the sale price. If the users want to be an affiliate, the program is the best in Canada.

In each month, they will get an e-transfer on the first and fifth days of the month. The payout schedule can be changed at any time, and there will be no notice.

After the users sign up for the affiliate program, it’s very easy to keep up with the program.

Earn up to 15% commission on all new sales, look at the affiliates campaigns, and push the goods that will convert the most customers to buy them.

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