J&M Tree Service Redlands Gets a 5-Star Recommendation After Completing an Emergency Tree Removal Safely


Redlands, California – After working with J&M Tree Service Redlands for the first time, Andres Peralta was impressed with the results generated by the tree care company. To show his appreciation, the happy homeowner rated the company 5 stars on Google Reviews and advised homeowners to call the company when they need efficient services. 


Andres Peralta hired the company for an emergency tree removal procedure on one of his commercial properties. Andres had been alerted by his tenants that one of his eucalyptuses was relying on neighboring trees for stability. To ensure the tree did not end up falling and causing extreme damage, the homeowner had to look for a tree removal team even though it was already 9:30 pm. 

“When the family decided to find a team to handle the tree removal procedure,” said Andres, “Google became a good research tool. After searching on Google, J&M Tree Service Redlands was one of the first tree removal companies that came up in the search results. On the J&M Tree Service Redlands Google My Business Page, the company indicated that it offered emergency tree services on a 24/7 basis.” 

To see how J&M Tree Service Redlands improves safety, read this story: https://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/jm-tree-service-redlands-helps-city-government-improve-visibility-on-busy-street-with-tree-pruning.

The commercial property owner reportedly picked the company’s phone number from the Google My Business page and dialed it. To his surprise, his phone call was received immediately by a very efficient professional. 

“All that the professional on the other end of the line needed to know was the location details,” said Andres. “About 45 minutes after the call, J&M Tree Service Redlands had an emergency tree removal team on the family’s commercial property.” 

The company reportedly worked through the night to remove the 200-foot eucalyptus tree. Working harder than Andres had expected, the company saved the neighboring trees from further damage. The company also kept the tree from landing on the neighboring rental houses. 

“The 5-star review the family left on Google Reviews does not come close to expressing how happy the family was,” said Andres. “If the eucalyptus tree had landed on the houses, with all its weight, the family would have been looking at $50,000+ in repair costs. J&M Tree Service Redlands, however, helped the family avoid this cost and ended up charging less than $5,000 in emergency tree removal costs. This is a company the family would recommend to anyone with tree problems. The company has the skills, tools, is willing to work harder than expected, and has very affordable prices.” 

Reporters contacted the J&M Tree Service Redlands CEO to understand how he felt about the recommendation he got from Andres. 

“Marketing can be expensive,” the J&M Tree Service Redlands CEO told the reporters. “It is even more expensive if you are relying on the media to get more customers. Luckily for J&M Tree Service Redlands, word-of-mouth marketing has always worked well.”

The CEO noted that when his company works with a customer and satisfies his needs beyond his expectations, the customer ends up recommending the company’s services to other homeowners. When this process repeats itself, J&M Tree Service Redlands finds itself with a large number of new clients every year. 

“A good example, in this case, is Andres Peralta,” said the CEO. “Everyone who needs professional tree services in Redlands and comes across Andres’ recommendation will probably give the company a call. What’s more, by talking to other property owners about the company’s services, Andres will increase brand awareness and also help the company increase its revenue.” 

J&M Tree Service Redlands base of operation is located at 1826 Orange Tree Ln, Redlands, CA 92374, United States. Tree owners find it easy to reach the company via +1 909-473-4471 and sales@riversidetreecare.com

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