Tips for Planning an Affordable Vacation

We all love planning vacations and going out to a new place with our friends and family to celebrate life. With the kind of work load we all face, all of us demand some time of relaxation and hands down there is nothing more fun and rejuvenating than a vacation. However, it demands money and if you are someone who likes to go on a trip every now and then you must know that it comes with cost.

Nevertheless, we are at your disposal to give you some life hack tips that will help you in planning a great and budget friendly plan for your upcoming adventure to a newfound land.

1. Set a Travel Budget

For someone who is an avid traveler and likes to at least plan 2 to 3 trips a year in a fun and different place setting up a budget is the first thing that should be kept in consideration.

Like we save money to buy a car or spend on our luxuries, entertainment also holds a big part in your life. Travel is one of the entertainments that demands money for train or flight tickets, food, hotels, and much more. We suggest you start pooling in money each month in savings bank account that is solely dedicated to your travel needs.

2. Research About Set Destination

As soon as you finalize a destination that is going to welcome you in a while, research about everything related to the place. Spots to eat, places to stay, internal commute, local information, and anything that comes to your mind.

When you know the details about the place you are about to visit, it gets easy to understand the kind of expenses you will have to incur.

Research will also lead you to discounts and offers if any on select hotels, eating joints and more. We all know how much that can be of help when you are sticking to a budget on that trip.

3. Book Your Flights and Accommodation in Advance

We will all be on the same page that flights, trains, buses, and hotels add up to the most expenses on a trip. Why not be a little smart and book our tickets in advance? If you have travelled a lot, you must have an idea that when we opt for last minute bookings and tickets all we do is take a toll on our own pockets. Booking in advance will at least save you 10 to 15% more money than if it is done on the spot. Be wise and make your bookings prior your trips. Also choosing for a time that is not close to in-season will be a great idea for people looking to travel on a strict budget.

4. Use Offers While Booking

There are plenty of discounts and offers available while making a booking for a hotel or getting a flight ticket. Many booking websites have great reward plans, deals and discounts that will help you not dip a hole in your wallet.

There are also some websites that are exclusively giving offers on hotels and travel, do check them out to save some extra cash.

Use of credit cards from renowned banks that gives you reward on travel bookings can be another great idea to stick to the budget or even fall under the budget you created for the next staycation. 

5. Start Saving Up Separately for Your Trip

As we mentioned before that saving separately and sticking to a budget comes handy when you are planning a vacation. Having a different savings account, opting for the reward worthy credit card for your bookings are some of the smart options that shall be kept in mind.

If you are a group of people who love travelling together or a couple, you can also create a joint account in a bank and pool in money each month to plan a grand vacation somewhere that has always been on your list.

Final Thoughts

Travelling is a great idea to give peace to your mind but it should also not create a hole in your pocket. Hence, opting for the above-mentioned tips will be a great idea to save some money and plan a budget friendly yet exciting trip to the place of your dreams.

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