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Creating And Enjoying A Satisfying Marriage With The Love Of Your Life Is Possible.

MARCH 28, 2022 – Chindah Chindah is the founder of Married Life Management LTD, a top marriage and life coaching agency in London, United Kingdom. Married Life Management (MLM) offers custom-made coaching services that teach heterosexual couples how to create and maintain a satisfying marriage daily. He is hugely supported by his loving and caring wife, Mrs Chimzi Chindah. Both work to promote healthy and godly marriages around the world.

He leverages his knowledge, passion and expertise in marriage and life coaching to deliver world-class online & offline training, courses and webinars to the youth, the singles and the married.

Chindah believes and teaches that for a marriage to remain satisfying, the couples involved need to have the intentional desire and put in massive efforts on a daily basis to see it work. Through Married Life Management, Chindah offers online marriage courses, one-on-one coaching/conference guest speaking engagements, facilitates seminars and workshops, that helps both young and mature couples and singles create and maintain a satisfying marriage daily.

Research shows that a functional and satisfying marriage is not one left on autopilot to run; the involved partners will have to go the extra mile to make the marriage work and Chindah through the MLM bespoke packages and courses provides his clients with the step-by-step guide to ensuring that their marriages start off well and remains satisfying all through their lifetime.

Chindah through his years of experience as a satisfied and happily married man, in addition to his experience as a marriage and life coach, has creatively and expertly analyzed the needs of each client he has dealt with. Through this analysis of his, he discovered that one necessity for a marriage to be satisfying is Empathic Communication. He believes empathic communication is necessary for marriage as it involves listening with full attention to understand a spouse’s feelings and perspective. He discovered that the more empathic communication is in a marriage, the less the frequency of conflicts.

Beyond the need for communicating empathically, Chindah observed that a common problem among couples that have been married for a while is emotional unavailability. No thanks to chasing money, career, and work; the rat race and the desire to climb the success ladder have made couples blind to how important being emotionally available to their spouse is. He advises that to increase how emotionally available one is to their partner, each partner should be intentional about listening and responding to the other partner’s need for connection and bonding. Emotional availability should be placed on high priority as keeping a marital relationship alive and full of good memories requires conscious efforts to create time to make it happen.

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About Chindah Chindah

Chindah is a multi-talented transformational award speaker with a huge passion for Life and Marriage coaching. He mentors teenagers and young adults to dream and actualize their God-given talent. His target through Married Life Management is to support hundred thousand couples to create and maintain satisfying marriages by 2025.

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