Sanctorium Hosts Co-Created Festivals that Provide Incredible Life Experiences to Participants

Sanctorium Hosts Co-Created Festivals that Provide Incredible Life Experiences to Participants
Co-creation is the core of all the festivals organized by Sanctorium. Participants bring together beautiful experiences from all corners of the world, and contribute to a journey of transcendent experiences in the desert.

Los Angeles, CA, USA – Sanctorium, based in Los Angeles CA, is a collective that hosts co-created festivals every full moon in the Mojave Desert. Sanctorium was created to offer participants potentially convivial and memorable experiences through the well-conceived festivals that epitomize performative cultural assets. The much anticipated first festival kicks off from May 13th-16th, 2022.

“We are excited to announce our first festival in May. This is the first in the series of events we have planned throughout the year,” says Xariel, founder of Sanctorium. “We want to provide a platform for participants to celebrate life through camping, music, art, consciousness, and community.”

Sanctorium is a brainchild of Xariel, who began her career in Manhattan as an Art Director in 2011, when she was given the opportunity to curate her first exhibition. Xariel wanted to provide the same opportunity today to emerging creatives to gain exposure.

Sanctorium’s co-created festivals are designed to encourage community participation and to bring in contributions from its diverse members to the multifaceted concept of value in cultural festival settings.

Participants including, performers, artists, local shop owners, indigenous tribes, spiritual healers, DJ’s and musicians all play roles in co-creating value for the festival.

Sanctorium not only wants to help stoke the creativity and imagination of participants but also to help them grow and become successful in life. Members can look forward to expanding their professional and social network.

“We invite everyone to participate in creating transcendent events that bring us out of our ordinary minds, making us feel connected to the world around us. Behind every corner, unlock new realms of imagination as we take this journey together,” remarks Xariel. “We expect to see tremendous response from all the participants, building new relationships and creating memorable experiences.”

As people across the world try to adjust to the disruptions in their life caused by world events or their own setbacks, Sanctorium seeks to provide them an opportunity to get back up and revitalize their life journey.

Sanctorium’s mission is for members to live a life beyond the ordinary in every dimension so that they can thrive and make an amazing impact on this world.

“Members achieve a new, extraordinary life that deeply connects them to nature, to their truest self, and to a global society of passionate change-makers. This is a great way to make everyone feel empowered to create a better and stronger community,” explains Xariel.

Membership to Sanctorium grants access to all monthly festivals for the year, as well as an instant connection to a global community for collaboration. To participate in the festivals, visit

About Sanctorium

Sanctorium is a collective for co-creation. They gather every month to create transcendent experiences through art, music, performance, consciousness, and community.

For more information and other inquiries, send an email or reach out via the website.

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