Insufficient Exhaust Of Automobile AC Compressor

Insufficient displacement is one of the most prone to failure of auto ac compressors, which is mainly caused by the following reasons:

1. Malfunction of the oil inlet filter: blocking the fouling and reducing the exhaust volume; the suction pipe is too long and the pipe diameter is too small, which increases the suction resistance and affects the gas volume. The filter should be cleaned regularly.

2. The reduced car ac compressor speed will reduce the displacement: improper use of the air compressor, because the displacement of the air compressor is designed according to a certain altitude, compressor suction temperature and humidity. When starting, the suction pressure decreases and the displacement inevitably decreases.

3. The cylinder, piston and piston ring are severely worn and out of tolerance, which will increase the relevant clearance and increase leakage, thereby affecting the displacement. During normal wear, the wearing parts, such as piston rings, must be replaced in time. If the installation is incorrect and the clearance is inappropriate, it should be corrected according to the drawings. If there are no drawings, empirical data can be obtained. For the circumferential gap between the piston and the cylinder (such as a cast iron piston), the gap value is the cylinder diameter. 0.06/100~0.09/100; For aluminum alloy pistons, the clearance is 0.12/100~0.18/100 of the gas path diameter; steel pistons can use the smaller value of aluminum alloy pistons.

4. The stuffing box is not strict and will leak to reduce the amount of gas. The reason is that there is no need to fill the box itself in the first place. The second reason may be the misalignment of the piston rod and stuffing box during the installation process, resulting in air leakage due to wear and strain. Usually, the stuffing is filled in the stuffing box. It can play the role of lubrication, sealing and cooling.

Insufficient exhaust of Automobile AC compressor

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