Trading Presets Cross The 10k Active Users Mark

Revolutionary cost-free crypto trading bot, Trading Presets, continues to set the pace with more than 10 thousand active users across the globe

The developers of Trading Presets have undoubtedly achieved significant strides in the pursuit of creating safe, secure, and profitable algorithmic trading to all categories of interested persons as the bot gets more than 10k active users in different parts of the world. The first self learning autopilot arbitrage trading bot is designed to simplify trading and ensure users make guaranteed, consistent profits effortlessly, starting with a few clicks. 

Crypto trading has grown in popularity and acceptance over the years, with more people looking to make money from the change in the prices of different digital currencies. However, millions of people have also burnt their fingers and lost their hard-earned money in the process of trading digital currencies. In a related development, a plethora of resources have been developed to help traders make profits. Unfortunately, many of such solutions do not effectively address the concerns of traders, which is where Trading Presets has been particularly helpful and distinct over the years.

Trading Presets is designed to automate crypto trading, leveraging highly profitable trading presets for amateurs and experts. Over the years, the team has created award-winning AI-driven trading presets, enabling anyone from anywhere in the world to make the most out of the high volatility market. Features of Trading Presets include exposure to low risk levels, instant deposit and withdrawal, low profit sharing of 0.2%, demo trading, and 24/7 monitoring and scanning for assets with different prices in more than 200 different markets.

The comprehensiveness and user-friendliness of Trading Presets have endeared the crypto trading solutions to traders worldwide, with more than 1 billion automated trades and an average monthly profit of $10 million. “I know this company since more than three years. Trading Presets has with the arbitrage software a good product to trade automatically my coins,” said Marc L.

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About Trading Presets 

Trading Presets is a smart one-click setup arbitrage trading bot designed to enable users to trade with confidence. The goal is to create safe, secure and profitable algorithmic trading to everyone who needs it, irrespective of their level of trading knowledge or experience, helping them avoid being a part of the stats of over 90% of individual traders that lose money due to emotional bias and lack of automation or knowledge.

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