Airdott – The New Simple Way to Invest In Virtual Real Estate Across the Metaverse

New York, NY, USA – April 7th, 2022 – Airdott, a UK based technology company, recently announced that they are bringing a new platform to invest in the virtual Real Estate across the Metaverse. Airdott plans to democratize access to Metaverse land investment by removing the major barrier to entry for investors including greatly reducing the cost of acquisition. Airdott give their holders access to a diverse portfolio of Metaverse Real Estate and assets and the ability to share in the profits and income generated.

Airdott NFT holders will actively participate in defining the project’s direction through the governance rights that come with an upcoming DAO structure. Since the project is backed by the community, pooling capital allows Airdott to offer and provide the NFT holders access to development and acquisition opportunities that would otherwise be out of reach to everyday investors. Having access to that kind of treasury also allows the holders to get Metaverse land and asset ownership at a significant lower cost. 

Airdott is currently in the development phase and after the initial mint, the company will start to deploy funds raised to begin purchasing strategically positioned land on SandBox and Decentraland while the Airdott team finalizes the legal structure for the DAO. Airdott will then move towards the second mint – the Airdott Stakeholder NFT or the launch of our $AIR utility token. The company strongly believes in the power of community and the mutual benefits that come from the discussion of ideas and the space itself. 

Airdott NFT key phase includes three major activities starting with the Airdott governance NFT launch, which will consist of 5,000 Airdott NFTs available to purchase at 0.2 ETH (1.2 ETH if you are lucky enough to get on their whitelist). Every holder of these Airdott NFTs will be eligible for a stake in Airdott along with exposure to all metaverse holdings, DAO upon launch, and the option for staking. Once the company successfully raises the capital, it will move to the development phase where the company will develop land under its ownership to create various revenue streams. This includes monetizing the land in the metaverse through utilizing advertising, or actually developing the land itself. Future land sales to realise capital appreciation is also on the agenda. 

In the third and most important phase, All Airdott NFT owners will gain automatic access to forthcoming DAO, uniting all investors and enabling both a sharing of future income and the ability to determine Airdott’s direction. This structure is intrinsically linked to the firms belief in being open and engaging with the community, enabling members to vote on acquisitions, sales and developments, while the company continues to grow the treasury. The company will also explore the possibility of launching a utility token ($AIR), linking the performance of their investments in the Metaverse with a tradeable currency, which enables the members to benefit from the ability for staking.

Key Portfolio Facts

The blueprint for land purchase and ownership is as follows:

– 30% Sandbox

– 15% Decentraland

– 10% Axie infinity

– 10% between a selection of lower market cap. Worlds, including but not limited to Vulcan Forged, Polka City, Pavia, Metropolis, NFT World, Otherside (Bored Ape – BAYC) and Somnium space

– 30-35% will be left in the treasury stored as stablecoins to be deployed into new projects and to develop land already under our ownership.

NFT Options –

– 0.2 / WL = 0.12 ETH Mint

– 5,000 NFTs

– Max mint capped to 100 or 2% of supply.

– Access to Airdott DAO and governance rights through membership.

– Eligibility for future Airdott airdrops and discount on future mints.

– Option for staking

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