Hydrovale Nova Introduces The First Hydrogen-Powered Zero Emissions Mobile Charging Station

Anchored on its mission to create an independent and sustainable clean Hydrogen infrastructure, The First Hydrogen-Powered Zero Emissions Mobile Charging Station is an industry game-changer that serves as a constant everyday reminder that consumers are making a difference.

Hydrovale Nova is out to make headway in the global industry after launching the first Hydrogen-Powered Zero Emissions Mobile Charging Station that reduces carbon footprint by up to 2.5 pounds per device each day.

The charging station, a solar alternative created for fast-charging phones, tablets, laptops, and portable batteries, charges up to four devices simultaneously. It enables fast charging of almost any combination of devices without the issue of depleting a battery, as well as fast charging 130-watt gaming laptops while users play their favorite games.

James Gluz, founder and Creative Developer of the Hydrogen-Powered Zero Emissions Mobile Charging Station, announced that the First Gen Prototype would begin testing in August 2022. 

Mr. Gluz said the team is immediately looking to raise $15,000 to develop the 2nd gen and the Hydrovale connect app. The group says $100,000 is needed to produce an initial batch of Gen 2 units to beta test the app.

Thanks to Hydrogen Clean Energy, individuals can use the Nova Charged Portable Batteries guilt-free. The byproduct of burning Hydrogen is water vapor, making the Nova much safer than running a gas stove indoors regarding carbon emissions. 

“Our goal is to deliver permanent long-term clean and green energy solutions from the home consumer to global industry. The Hydrovale Nova, a quiet desktop Zero Emissions mobile device charger, serves as a constant everyday reminder that consumers are making a difference,” explains Mr. Gluz. 

Mr. Gluz said the team behind Hydrovale Nova plans to develop the whole Hydrogen infrastructure for the United States to create an alternative, competitive carbon-free fuel that will stabilize the pricing and supply of fossil fuels in the future.

The Hydrovale team is ramping up efforts to create a line of consumer, commercial, and industrial Hydrogen devices to end the need for fossil fuels. Beginning with an at-home, quiet, tabletop hydrogen-powered generator called the Hydrovale Nova, the team is on track to tapping into existing hydrogen reserves immediately.  

Mr. Gluz grew up in Silicon Valley and worked in enterprise-level data processing Software, where he was surrounded by engineers of all calibers from across the globe. With more than 20 years of experience in Sales, Sales Management, Customer Service & QA Experience, he leads the way in pushing for reversing climate change by establishing a Hydrogen Infrastructure in the United States.

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