Kristine Afram, Miss Lebanon Sweden 2011

Kristine Afram, Miss Lebanon Sweden 2011

“Kristine Afram, Miss Lebanon Sweden 2011”
Kristine Afram, this name won’t be weird any more for anyone even slightly familiar with the world of fashion and beauty blogger. Not only as a fashion and beauty blogger, but also Kristine Afram is a well-known beauty expert based between Lebanon and Sweden. Well, but there is much more to Kristine Afram than overseeing a global fashion empire and beauty expert, like being Miss Sweden Lebanon 2011.

1. First, would you please introduce yourself to our readers?

I would be glad to introduce myself from your stage. My name is Kristine Afram. I am known as a beauty and fashion blogger. Besides, my original career is a beauty expert based between both Sweden and Lebanon.

2. How did you get into beauty and fashion blog?

I think I’ve always been into fashion. Fashion seems to be part pf my personality, not any part but an intrinsic one. Ever since I was young, I have always imagined life behind my camera lenses and all of this because of my love to beauty, fashion, creativity and innovation.

3. What kinds of work do you offer in such a deep and sophisticated world?

Actually I do lots of tasks, and I am glad to do so. I promote brands, I do styling sessions, I attend a lot of events, and you can say that fashion dwells in me. Besides, I own two beauty lounges in both Lebanon and Stockholm/ Capital of Sweden, where I worked as a makeup artist, hair colorist and style creator. Not only did I work for women, but also I had many male clients from models to celebrities in Sweden.

4. How was your experience Miss Lebanon Sweden? Would you please tell us more details?

Sure, first of all I was selected as Miss Lebanon Sweden in 2011 in Sweden. Actually it was an amazing experience for me. After gaining this title, I was sent along with many other candidates to Lebanon in order participate in Miss Lebanon Tourism, where I was selected as Miss Lebanon Europe at the time. Actually, the fact that I participated in such events was so exciting for me.

5. After all, what is your aim for the future?

I always want to grow more, advance and progress, and my biggest aim is to show women and the whole world that nothing is impossible, and you can always achieve your aims and reach all the places you want to reach.

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