AssignmentCure Offers Online Customized Academic and Assignment Assistance

Assignment Cure provides academic assistance for assignments, dissertations, thesis, essays, research proposals, and more.  

With a database of over 5000 clients, AssignmentCure tackles over 10,000 academic tasks yearly. The online service offers academic support to students around the globe, although there is a focus on assignment help in the UK, Australia, and Canada.  

AssignmentCure aids with assignments, essays, thesis, dissertations, research proposals, and case studies. The site also offers editing and proofreading services. There is also a service for exam and quiz preparation.  

As a manager for Assignment Cure explained, “the average student is under an immense amount of stress due to the sheer number of assignments assigned to them, coupled with time constraints. We aim to share some of this burden, bringing joy back to the art of learning.” 

The website functions by pairing students with the appropriate writers, aka experts. These writers may be individuals with a master’s degree or have a PhD. They each have experience in a particular field of study. This can include Marketing, Psychology, Engineering, Finance, Economics, IT, Law, and more.  

The experts are vetted by AssignmentCure. They must provide proof of their credentials and additional experience before they are accepted for the position.  

One of the main services offered by Assignment Cure is assignment and essay writing help. The student’s role here is to provide the tutor with the details of the essay or assignment, the guidelines, and other requirements. The tutor then constructs a document based on these specifications.  

Similar guidelines are followed for the dissertation, research proposals, and thesis writing services. As former students, the experts have the capability and expertise to follow guidelines based on various academic institutions. This also provides them with the ability to provide assignment help in Australia, the UK, and Canada based on the local requirements.  

Online assignment help in the form of proofreading and editing is also available to students. The students upload their essays, dissertations, or other academic papers to the site. The relevant experts will then read through, correct, and edit where necessary.  

Experts offering exam and quiz assistance are individuals who have previously taken such tests themselves. They coach students on the process of test-taking, providing tips and guidelines where necessary. They also have unique approaches that can help to boost grades for independent tests.  

To ensure high-quality results, students can choose writers based on their credentials and previous experience. Students also have access to reviews, allowing them to discover the strengths and weaknesses of each of the tutors.  

The experts have received either a master’s degree or a PhD in the relevant field of study. They also do research into the specific topic or subject matter prior to beginning the project. The research and sources will follow any academic guidelines set by the student’s school.  

Once written, all of the assignment help in Canada, the UK, and Australia are proofread and edited by experts. If the document meets the appropriate guidelines and standards, it is then sent to the student. The student then has the right to send the assignment back for edits or improvement.  

When uploading guidelines and details of assignments, students are required to include deadlines as well. To ensure that the proper ones are met, the students must mention time zones, depending on the country they are situated in. The assignments are always sent in according to the deadlines provided.  

It may be possible to request emergency assignments with shorter deadlines. This will depend on the length and complexity of the assignment as well as the availability of the necessary writers.  

AssignmentCure also guarantees that all work produced by the experts and the site is free of plagiarism. The essays, thesis, dissertations, and assignments have to pass through a plagiarism program before they are approved to be sent to the student. If the necessary standards aren’t met, the assignment will be rewritten to meet the necessary guidelines.  

The cost of the assignments, essays, or thesis will depend on a variety of factors. This can include the complexity of the assignment as well as the length. Certain writers may charge more for a greater level of expertise. Assignments with a shorter due date may also cost a greater amount of money.  

Students are always provided with a quote before the assignment is accepted. In some instances, several quotes from several experts may be available. The student can then decide which one to choose. 

About Assignment Cure  

AssignmentCure is an online academic service that provides assistance to students in the areas of assignment completion, essay writing, dissertation and thesis composition, and more. Writers with the appropriate credentials are assigned to the necessary assignments to ensure that they meet the required standards. All the work produced by experts is checked for plagiarism and proofread as well.

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