Athanasian Hall Recognizes Dr. Hassan Gul’s Contributions in Convex Analysis

Dr. Hassan Gul has deep expertise in the theory of vector spaces and Convex Geometry. Convexity Theory is an integral part of applied mathematics as well.

He began as a Fellow of Athanasian Hall in early 2021 after being selected for especially high intellectual merit from a pool of 13 finalists. Optimization problems in economics are often resolvable in simplified forms using the analysis of Convex Functions. A remarkable characteristic of Dr. Gul’s research is its corresponding breadth. It is exceedingly rare for a scholar so skilled in pure mathematics to also have high ability in the pure and applied sciences.

In Dr. Gul’s case, the topology and geometry of chemical analysis are of research importance. Applications include protein-folding, genomics, molecular engineering, and high-dimensional geometry. Other researchers in the same division are currently studying Nanofluids, Nanocrystals, Materials Analysis, and related fields of application in the physical and engineering sciences. According to Academic Director Dr. Jonathan Kenigson, Dr. Gul’s work is fascinating “precisely because it requires, in roughly equal measures, comprehensive knowledge of nearly all applicable methods in Convexity Theory and correspondingly comprehensive knowledge of Chemistry and Chemical Physics.” Very few scholars have knowledge in all these fields. According to Kenigson, “this individual possesses a panoramic knowledge of so many areas in which each demands intense technical competence and familiarity with a vast literature.”

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