Revolutionary Metaverse project to build modern city in Ukraine backed by breakthrough blockchain and crypto

New Ukraine Coin is aiming to rebuild the war-torn Ukraine through the power of crypto, breakthrough blockchain design, unique NFTs, the power of metaverse, and sound monetary policies.

Kyiv, Ukraine – April 12, 2022 – With ghastly reports of attacks on Ukraine claiming headlines every day, the world seems to be passing through terrible times lately. However, a group of visionary Ukrainians and a conscientious international community have come together to ameliorate and empower a struggling Ukraine through a revolutionary Metaverse project. Titled “New Ukraine Coin”, the Metaverse project is aimed to develop a modern city in Ukraine that would be financed by crypto and a groundbreaking blockchain technology.

New Ukraine Coin has already garnered support from a line of iconic celebrities like Snoop Dog and many such elite names. NUC is the native token of New Ukraine.

Essentially, New Ukraine Coin can be defined as a cutting-edge comprehensive ecosystem that will provide a long list of functions and features into one, including Staking, NFT marketplace, Multiple Blockchains, Rewards, and NFT holding. It’s a community-driven decentralized project that will develop its own exclusive NFT which will be connected to the metaverse  and allow NFT holders to buy and sell their NFTs in the metaverse. All things that would be reconstructed or developed in the New Ukraine’s City will serve as NFT. NFT holders will further have the options to rent out their NFTs for those who can’t afford to buy them.

“Ukraine is in need of dire help now more and ever. Brutal attacks from Russia are claiming both lives and livelihood of people in the country. A war-torn Ukraine with struggling socio-economic-and political scenario would need robust backup to regains her previous state. This is where New Ukraine Coin shows hope”, stated the leading spokesperson from the NUC team.

“At NUC, we are looking forward to rebuild a state-of-the-art City in Ukraine that will be financed by cutting-edge crypto technology and a revolutionary blockchain design. To turn our vision into reality, we have partnered with some of the most esteemed construction companies in the country as well as other related industry professionals like program developers from around the world. Together, we are aimed to build up the best European modern blockchain city to be created ever.”

Per the statements of the NUC spokesperson, the NUC will launch the virtual city in the physical world as well. The NUC DAO will organize voting protocols on city designs and offer the option to create the same design in the real world Ukrainian city as well. Additionally, NUC will hold auction on land for Ukrainians who have unfortunately lost their homes because of the ongoing war.

Speaking on, the spokesperson highlighted the top benefits of holding the NUC NFT:

  • Ability to take a proactive part in rebuilding and empowering Ukraine
  • No hardware required
  • Easy scalability
  • Highly cost-effective
  • Eco-friendly
  • Advanced security through smart contract
  • Easy opportunity for passive income

“At NUC, we are looking forward to create a world where wealth-building strategies will be directed to help Ukrainians as well as facilitate power over financial systems to them. We aim to develop a modern ecosystem founded on the principles of conscientious and practical monetary policies and a decentralized infrastructure that will pave the way for amelioration of Ukrainian cities.” 

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