Minnesota Nature Lover Launches MMA Promotion Featuring Squirrels

Apr 18, 2022 – Duluth, MN – Brian Luoma has launched a new mixed martial arts promotion called Wild Cam North. The 54-year-old website entrepreneur hopes to right a terrible wrong. He had watched countless squirrels with serious MMA skills get ignored by the UFC and other organizations repeatedly due to a tree-rat bias. So instead of efforts to force the UFC to accept rodents, he set out to shock the world from his own backyard.

“I’ve witnessed hundreds of squirrel tussles near my bird feeders over the years and it’s some of the best grappling I’ve ever seen,” Luoma says. “They’re lighter on their feet and more technical than their human counterparts, and talk more trash than Conor McGregor, however incoherent.”

Luoma has seen pushback from a handful of uninformed squirrel fans and the now-defunct Opossum Prize-fighter Federation (OPF), which has sued every MMA start-up since 2009. Wild Cam North’s president takes it all in stride, assuring nature and animal lovers that all recorded grappling matches are organic.

It is in a squirrel’s nature to haggle and wrestle over food. As for the OPF, Luoma believes they are jealous of his early success and wish to earn a quick buck through frivolous litigation. “Those guys are embarrassing themselves and besmirching the good name of proud opossums everywhere,” he says.

Wild Cam North is currently seeking sponsors, even those with questionable ethics. Halliburton and BlackRock are on their shortlist. But Luoma was adamant that none of his squirrel athletes would ever wear Tapout or Afflictionapparel. A man has to draw the line somewhere.

Fans interested in watching scenic nature videos combined with the sweet science of squirrel tussling can find the inaugural match at this YouTube link. Surprise animal appearances are also worth the price of admission, which is zero.

Wild Cam North will donate $100 to a local animal shelter once the channel reaches 100,000 views.

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