Helpside Proves Small Businesses Can Grow Exponentially with the Help of a PEO

Helpside provides small businesses the resources and solutions they need to sustain their employees and grow.

Helpside, a Utah PEO Company provides services such as payroll, benefits, HR, and safety and workers’ compensation solutions for small businesses. Clients of Helpside gain the support of their entire team of caring experts to help employees feel safe, secure, and supported. Employee administration can often be a challenging and stressful task for small business leaders, which is why services from a  Professional Employer Organization (PEO) are incredibly useful and valuable to a company.

PEOs have been proven to be a beneficial support system for small businesses. Employee benefits are one area that PEOs stand out. Helpside offers businesses the choice to create customizable packages for their employees including multiple medical, dental, and vision options at a price that is affordable for both the company and employees. With their payroll, benefits, HR, and employee safety services, Helpside hires experts to help companies navigate employment laws and stay in compliance to avoid any costly fines or lawsuits. These experts share best practices based on years of experience working with small businesses across all industries. The peace of mind provided by a PEO  gives small business leaders the ability to focus on areas of the business that impact the bottom line and overall business growth. 

According to, small businesses using a PEO grow 7% to 9% faster than other small businesses not using PEOs and expected annual median revenue growth for PEO clients is 40% greater than comparable non-PEO firms. With over 30 years of experience in the PEO industry, Helpside has supported clients with payroll, employee administration, human resources, risk management services to help grow successful and sustainable businesses.

Finicity, one of Helpside’s former clients experienced incredible growth during their 20 year partnership with an increase of 250 employees in more than 20 states. In the most recent year of 2021, the company was acquired by Mastercard, which further expanded the company into a global organization with nearly 900 employees. Along with Finicity’s experience, Helpside has an abundance of client success stories that demonstrate the impact a PEO can have on the success of small businesses in the community. 

About Helpside:

Helpside is dedicated to taking care of small businesses by offering payroll solutions, benefits, human resources, and risk management so employees can feel safe and comfortable at their place of employment. Helpside offers these resources and solutions to help lighten the load for small businesses and allow them to focus on their brand. Their PEO solutions have been making a difference at organizations for over 30 years. Reach out to Helpside today to help grow your business this year!

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