Blast Off Talent, the Media/Marketing Company, Forms LLC in Las Vegas

Blast Off Talent brings international flavors to the marketing experience.

The blast-off concept originated in 2019 in Hong Kong while Anthony Payne performed in a prestigious hotel as a piano player singer. An international investor wanted to open a media company in Hong Kong. Anthony would be in charge, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to students provided by the investor’s contacts. The goal was to prepare students for international exposure to recording artists, movies, commercials, and exposure to the Las Vegas style of entertainment.

Due to conditions at the time, Blast Off Talent LLC was formed in Las Vegas, Nevada instead, and has received tremendous support from the community, partnering with a world-class television station and connecting with local and international talent to collaborate with original content creation.

Leveraging his knowledge and expertise from his travels, Anthony Payne delivers a unique experience in marketing and artist development. Combining artists with marketing efforts to provide companies wanting the unique, innovative creations to boost the company brand and differentiate itself from the competition.

Anthony has been the owner of two commercial insurance agencies, writing policies for Lloyds of London, Hartford, Fireman’s Fund, and other companies and keeping a real estate license brings more to the equation than just the marketing aspect. The goal is to develop lasting relationships by delivering value above and beyond the call of duty. Anthony is always looking for innovative ways to increase a company’s bottom line. To increase the bottom line, the client must see growth and a positive rate of return (ROI) for the marketing efforts.

Blast Off Talent has taken a company’s website from two visitors a month to 80 visitors in the first few weeks after employing just one strategy that required no advertising dollars. Blast Off Talent LLC is transparent and will collaborate to help do-it-yourself (DIY) companies achieve their goals.

Acquiring critical mass takes a bit of time when it comes to conversions. Knowing international client’s pain points is essential to understanding the target market. For example, many countries have specific colors that invoke national pride. The last thing a marketeer should do is use colors that don’t represent the country’s national colors. For example, if the marketeer unknowingly uses colors representing a rival sports team, this may diminish the desired results, and upset the client.

With its in-house brand, Blast Off Talent understands the difficulties persons or companies may have when it comes to financing marketing projects, so Blast Off Talent created a way for clients to receive support for the project. A strategy is put into place with benchmarks to provide the best way for the client to obtain the goal. Even if the company wants to do it alone, making the relationship offers an opportunity for future collaboration and growth. You give Blast Off Talent the ideal and it will become real.

About Anthony:

Anthony Payne is the founder of Blast Off Talent, certified with Google analytics and the Berklee School of Music. Anthony graduated from West Virginia University and is finishing up his MBA degree. After traveling the world for 20 years, Anthony brings knowledge to the marketing game that is one step beyond the norm for original content creation in marketing.

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