The richest people in the world build networks at Gaii Summits and Dinner

The richest people in the world build networks at Gaii Summits and Dinner


To understand the popular and age-long saying that the best things come from the most unexpected places, one needs to understand the motivation behind the visit of most renowned business owners to social events and gatherings.

As a young adult in high school, I had the privilege to accompany my parent to a couple of business dinners. Watching them spend time with the parent of other children in cliques and tables, chatting and taking wine with no visible signs of movement and dances, were among the most jaw-dropping experiences at such encounter. Why play music when no one would dance? I and other children of my peer would sometimes wonder aloud. Little did it occur to me that the large connection of enviable professionals with whom dad and mum share friendship didn’t just pop from the moon; they were a product of these boring dinner gatherings.

Do great men truly emerge through meaningful networks?

The importance of networks to the advancement of humans as earlier right stated by Kiyosaki didn’t make much meaning to me. I had considered the many boring dinners attended with my parent as nothing more than a waste of precious time out with my friends. How on earth will I conceive that the best of innovative business ideas and partnerships dad and mum had embarked upon in the previous years were mostly birthedat such social gatherings?

This was my world view until the founding story of one of the world’s largest social networks Facebook struck me with new realities.

I had a change of perception, but I remain skeptical

That such a multibillion-dollar venture was the product of an idea conceived a few years back by a group of Harvard University students that met; just like my father do with his friends, for purely social reasons. Then I began to realize how much value lies in the quality of an individual’s inner circles.

But how do I build a network in the absence of a dinner platform like that of my dad’s? I began to think that luck is all we need to build great networks.

Quality network is cool, but quality people aren’t free!

I have seen a few successful business persons in my little life experience, and one thing that binds them all is the importance they give to time. They are people with very busy schedules, and meeting with them at events could seem almost impossible.

But the good news here is, quality people do also find time to relax.

Do they waste their time and energy dancing away in clubs and dinners as I had done with friends in the past? The answer is NO!

When men of value relax, they also add values. While networking can be the coming together of individuals with equal business and financial strength, it also brings big business owners into contact with innovative and disruptive small business startups. A business gathering like that of dad is the best opportunity any aspiring mind will ever seek. The key to these is a disruptive and innovative mindset.

How big would you love to see your business grow in the nearest future?

How important do you consider yourself to be a part of a jaw-dropping VIP event?

How willing are you to meet with other business professionals to scale your business to new heights?

How valuable do you consider the innovative skills and ideas you possess?

Are you fit to answer the call of VIPs within your sphere of operation?

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An opportunity for shared ideas and values.

A gathering for innovation and worthy business partnership.

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