Stepping Into Faith – Zest for Light Coaching assists belief-driven entrepreneurs in growing their businesses without sacrificing their families or their faith

Christian-career-oriented and leadership courses offered at Zest For Light Coaching serve as a beacon for career-oriented and ambitious people who wish to achieve great things in life.

Now and then life takes you to new places. It puts you in countless hurdles and indecisive battles. A battle that is not fought with a weapon but with wit, will, and determination. It requires putting faith in God and facing unending difficulties. But every time that life knocks down someone the decision to get back up falls on that person’s shoulder. Every rising person requires a hand for support and a beacon for guidance. They need a guide who they can look up to for advice on the exhausting path that they are walking on. A mentor and counselor who ensures that one’s mental strength and health do not deteriorate along the way is of utmost importance for such Individuals.

Zest for Light Coaching is an esteemed Christ-centered institution offering to coach women who are ambitious, aspirational, and go-getting. It also disciplines leaders for whom the sky’s the limit. Through the utilization of one’s faith and spiritual energy, the institution aims to create strong-minded Individuals who shall rule the world in the forthcoming times. Marilyn Lindor teaches women the way to put their faith to good use and recognize their true worth and potential. This allows them to give their best in every stage and problem of life.

Every Individual aims to achieve something in life. But not every person can pursue his dream and goals. There is always an invisible force holding them back. It could be a bad thought, an idea, or a fear. For one to leap over this invisible force it is inevitable that the people start using their abilities and discovering their capabilities. For a fruitful yield, investment is essential. Similarly, for someone to acquire what they desire, it is important that they put in effort but at the same time not be hasty. Marilyn Lindor, like every other individual, experienced the same thing. After years of struggle and going months with nothing to feed herself and her family she learned the way to the top.

“How to access the light within” a brilliant book written by Marilyn not only is a narrative of parts of her life but also aids people in affirmations, prayers, and exercises that are sure to help people struggling with life. Moreover, Zest for Light Coaching offers Career and Leadership courses that help people attain personal growth, empowerment, achievement, and change. It considers people’s individual and spiritual life and guides them on the way to use one for the benefit of the other. The purpose of this Christian life coaching is to assist one in achieving stability in all aspects of life together with facing worldly problems with a strong mind.

Zest for Light Coaching is the ultimate institute, headed by Marilyn Lindor for people who wish to see success in this world through the utilization of their true potential. It aids one to follow the footsteps of Christ and make way through the challenges of life.

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