The Innovative Company That Has Been Helping Enterprises Find Top Experts In Latam Using AI

Alstra Technologies is heralding the future of work on its platform thanks to a unique system that helps companies find the skills they need anywhere in the world.

More than a year after the pandemic, the corporate world is still dealing with the aftereffects. Jobs have transitioned from being fully onsite to remote or hybrid working models. This transition also means that there is a change in the way most people now apply for jobs. Prior, scouting for jobs used to involve looking through numerous job ads and sending resumes through middlemen. But now, startups like Alstra Technologies are aiming to directly connect companies with specially qualified professionals.

Alstra Technologies is a company using AI technology to provide large companies with easy access to experts and their skills. They are experts in Latin American talent and cater to procuring pre-vetted professionals for US-based companies, taking care of all steps from finding the right expert to sorting out contracts and payment. This is done while fully complying with all labor and tax regulations.

Latin America produces over 750,000 new IT graduates every year – which is a high demand area. The similar time zones and greater cultural similarity to the US, in addition to favorable exchange rates makes the region a top choice for offshoring compared to Asia or Eastern Europe.

Alstra Technologies is founded by Cai Igel as a solution to the highly inefficient job market. According to Cal, “I noticed that companies had difficulty finding, quickly, the necessary skills for projects. We saw an opportunity to help companies and consultants.” This desire to turn a complex market into a simple one is the bedrock on which Alstra Technologies stands.

Companies who sign up to Alstra Technologies only have to state their budget, deadlines, demands, and the required skills for the job. Then the platform, using machine learning and algorithms, will seek for talents that are ideal for the given project. In turn, these professionals will receive a request for proposal to confirm availability and submit a pitch. Alstra Technologies will then initiate the individual vetting process and will only recommend the experts who pass the vetting process to the company for further evaluation. The platform also oversees all administrative issues while eliminating compliance risk. In all, the entire process is concluded within two days which is in sharp contrast to the traditional recruitment exercise that takes months to complete.

Speaking on how this works, Cai says, “The algorithms take into account technical skills, language skills, and even what projects that talent has worked on. Thus, they combine the data with the company’s information to make the match quickly and assertively. In some cases, we also include behavioral assessments.”

Currently, the platform has a pool of over 80,000 professionals globally that companies can access. It is important to note that these professionals undergo a thorough vetting process before getting accepted on the platform. Besides, they offer skills in various niches including coding, data, finance, tax, PMO, marketing, HR, etc.

Registration on Alstra Technologies is free for companies. They only have to pay a fee when hiring a professional. As for professionals, they can “register to receive requests from companies and have access to content on various topics, such as corporate trends, management and productivity.”

Since its establishment in 2018, Alstra Technologies has grown to service clients like NTT Data, Itaú and Visa. It has also become specialists in Latin American talent and enabled hundreds of projects in different corners of the world.

Companies interested in the company’s service can request a professional through their website.

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