The 5-Week Program that Promises a Permanent Solution to Digital Distractions and Addiction

The Digital Minimalism program wants to help people cut back on time spent on digital distractions so they can go on to live a productive life.

The explosion of the internet launched an information age unlike anything else that has ever been seen in history. It also brought with it devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops that have made lives easier for most humans. But like all other things, there is another side of this coin that is not much talked about. 

Studies have shown that humans are increasingly getting addicted to their digital devices. In fact, it was estimated back in 2017 that more than 217 million people worldwide suffer from an addiction to the internet and social media. This addiction has been fingered in cases like distracted driving, increased suicide risk, low self-esteem, sleeping problems, and a host of other emotional concerns. The need for humans to practice digital minimalism has never been more needed than now. This is why Infovore Secrets is stepping in to help.

Infovore Secrets is a company that focuses on providing information on how to live productive life free from digital clutter and distractions. As a result, it has come up with the Digital Minimalism program to achieve this aim. The program is expected to run for five weeks and at the end, participants will learn how to cut back on digital distractions and get back their time from digital time wasters.

The Digital Minimalism Program is divided into three categories:

–  Foundational Facts: This will take place in the first two weeks of the program. It involves simple facts that one needs to note if they are really desirous of winning the war against digital distractions.
–  Smart Shields: The third week of the Digital Minimalism program will see the launch of the smart shields category. This is where participants can expect to learn valuable tips and ideas to protect themselves from time-wasting digital activities and distractions.
–  Digital Warrior Tactics: In weeks four and five of the program, participants will be given war-like tactics/strategies that are specially designed to help them overcome various digital addictions and distractions.

It is noteworthy that the presentation of this program is given in interactive booklets rather than videos. This is done to ensure easy understanding and revision of instructions while also ensuring that the booklets can be taken anywhere for on-the-go reading. However, this does not mean the program is text-only as some sections contain videos which help to illustrate the text instructions better. 

The organizers behind the Digital Minimalism program chose to spread it over five weeks because they know how intense digital addictions can be. So in addition to getting the total commitment of participants to the program, it ensures that they have enough period of time to fully absorb the information given. What’s more, after the five weeks are over, participants can still continue to access the program materials for years to come.   

Then there is the Digital Minimalism Analyzer tool. This in-house tool is developed to help people check the digital minimalism friendliness and the level of distraction afforded by major phones in the market for free! Users only need to enter their phone’s name and the tool will give scores on the digital minimalism friendliness and distraction level of that phone based on analysis. 

This tool will surely help people addicted to smartphones or people prone to digital addiction in knowing the phones to embrace and the ones to abandon. For those who have subscribed to the Digital Minimalism program, the tool also gives information about features they can use to achieve digital minimalism on the analyzed phone.

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