Erecta-Rack Introduces the Ideal Door Painting System to Save Space and Dry Projects Effortlessly

Erecta-Rack Offers Pro Painters Increased Productivity by providing a Portable and Efficient Solution for Drying Full-Sized Doors, Cabinet Doors, and other Projects

Erecta-Rack, a staple in the tool arsenal for many pro painters, expands its product line to offer additional solutions for painting and drying tedious projects. Most recently, Erecta-Rack introduced the Door Painting Brace System, which allows pro painters to increase productivity by painting and drying full-sized doors vertically in one set-up. This product also works as an accessory with the 10-Level Erecta-Rack Paint Drying Rack to dry full-sized doors horizontally.

The Erecta-Rack family of products includes the Pro-Series 10-Level Drying Rack Kit, the Touch Point Drying Clips, the Portable Wheeled Base, and the Door Painting Brace System. The 10-Level Drying Rack provides painters an efficient and portable solution to dry cabinet doors, full-sized doors, trim pieces and many other painting projects on the jobsite. The sturdy and durable rack weighs 40 lbs and can be constructed at the jobsite in about five minutes. When it is not constructed, it fits into a duffle bag for easy transportation.

The Portable Wheeled Base is offered to help the Pro with any space constraints by enabling their projects to be wheeled out of the way, wherever they paint. Finally, the Touch Point Drying Clips, also a new product for Erecta-Rack, clips onto the bars of the 10-Level Drying Rack to reduce the point of contact for the drying project.

Erecta-Rack is a family-owned company collaborating with professionals in the painting industry to engineer and develop portable, sturdy, and affordable products for the painting industry. The full product line can be found on the Erecta-Rack website.

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