San Marcos Tree Service Experts Helps Homeowner Boost the Value of a Property Before a Sale

San Marcos, California – When a business he had established in Houston Texas started producing results, Jerry decided to pack up everything he had and move to the new state. The first thing he decided to do was sell his home in San Marcos.

Although he had already purchased a new home in Houston, the homeowner did not want to own two homes. What’s more, he wanted to invest the money he got from the home sale in his rapidly growing business in Houston.

The family expected to get an offer of at least $400,000 for the home,” said Jerry. “However, after listing the home on a home sales website and people started visiting, the result was not very impressive for the family. The highest that a buyer offered to pay was a mere $200,000.”

Jerry noted that when he realized the prices he was receiving sat between $200,000 and $250,000, he decided to keep the home instead of selling it at a throwaway price. However, luckily for him, a homeowner had sold his home a few years back. When he called him to seek advice, the friend asked him to send a picture of his home.

From the image,” said Jerry, “the friend was able to determine the result the home was attracting such a low price. The reason was that the trees on the home were in a poor state. He noted that the curb appeal was one of the first things that home buyers look at. A poor curb appeal could reduce the value of a home significantly. The friend suggested working with San Marcos Tree Service Experts to improve the curb appeal.”

Jerry had not heard about San Marcos Tree Service Experts before his friend mentioned it. Therefore, before hiring the company, he decided to do a little bit of digging to understand the company’s operations. The goal was to figure out whether the company possessed skills that could help him boost the home’s value by $200,000 to $150,000.

The friend sent a link to the company’s website——and asked the family to also check out the company’s testimonials online,” said Jerry. “The company had an impressive website that confirmed it had been offering its services in San Marcos for more than 25 years. What’s more, the reviews the family found online showed that its services are exemplary—the company had a collection of very positive testimonials.”

The homeowner reportedly contacted the company on the same day to request the tree trimming procedure. The company arrived at the landscape, inspected the trees, and provided a cost estimate.

For a project that the family expected to raise the home value by at least $150,000,” said Jerry, “the cost estimate sent by San Marcos Tree Service Experts was too affordable. The family requested the company to initiate the project the next day.”

San Marcos Tree Service Experts reportedly worked on Jerry’s landscape for a week. However, by the time the company finished working on the trees, the homeowner himself could not recognize the appearance of his own home. The landscape looked clean and attractive even to his eyes.

When the family listed the home again,” said Jerry, “the first interested buyer who came to view the home offered $500,000. Finally, the family settled on an interested buyer who offered $525,000.”

The homeowner noted that he had only spent $30,000 on the entire landscape improvement project. He noted that the returns on investment were too good to be true. He appreciated the company and noted that he would recommend its services to people living in San Marcos.

San Marcos Tree Service Experts office sits at 1255 Stone Dr, San Marcos, CA 92078, United States. You can, however, contact the company’s offices at +1 442-280-7601 and

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