The Nurse Health Coach Is Elevating the Wellbeing of All Nurses and Their Patients with The Launch of The Transformative Nurse Coach Certificate Program

The certificate program is an avenue for nurses to create their ideal nursing practice and have more time and joy to do the work they love

Nursing has been described to be first and foremost a calling that ultimately doubles as a career. Nurses embody the gift of compassion and have used this super-power to assist, comfort, and bring ailing patients back to life. However, many nurses are constrained in the amount and quality of help they can offer as they feel as though their hands are tied. Their desire to help goes beyond what the standard medical model provides. It is for this reason that The Nurse Coach was created.

A Nurse Health Coach is a registered nurse who provides holistic healing by enhancing the total wellness of patients using a combination of their medical knowledge and lifestyle coaching. These kinds of nurses are trained to be empathic listeners that promote significant lifestyle changes while also being a source of positive energy, strength and healing.   

The Nurse Coach Collective has announced the release of their Transformative Nurse Coach Certificate program that equips registered nurses to become board-certified nurse coaches. It is an online training course that helps nurses pass the nationally accredited board exam provided by AHNCC (American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation).

Furthermore, the program is designed to empower nurses to explore the patient’s intrinsic (mental, social, spiritual, and physical) needs and unleash sustainable healing. Through the certification program, the patient’s unhealthy lifestyle habits around sleep, relationships, nutrition, and mindfulness can be radically improved through coaching and incremental changes.  The Transformative Nurse Coach certificate program by the Nurse Coach is for any nurse who is interested in having a competitive edge in their career while discovering their full potential as a healer.

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The Nurse Health Coach was created in a bid to challenge the status quo of the healthcare system by providing the most accessible and extraordinary path to becoming a world-class Board-Certified Nurse Coach

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