KARMA jack and the Post-Lockdown Healthcare Boom

Successful digital marketing strategies for healthcare

As we continue our slow climb out of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have heard from so many of our healthcare clients that their business has exploded, and not necessarily for the reason you’d think. Now that local doctors and dentists have reopened, they are seeing a dramatic increase in appointments. Not only that, but specialty doctors like orthopedic surgeons are seeing more patients as well. In fact, one of our clients complained about having too many appointments and needed to re-staff. Chiropractors and wellness coaches are also seeing a spike in new customers. Some more than 100% over last year.


Sure, people are finally ready to go back to doctors offices, but that alone doesn’t explain the size of our clients’ profit surge. Marketing plays a huge key in making sure these health professionals continue serving their communities. Our clients are following a formula of success for healthcare marketing. This formula increases brand awareness and boosts appointments while remarketing their businesses keeps them top of mind. In fact, we saved one healthcare organization over a million dollars in wasted ad spend while increasing appointments.

What’s the secret formula?

It’s a relatively simple digital marketing strategy, but it’s working wonders in the health world. What is it? Well, it’s a blend of social media and Google marketing that hyper-targets our clients’ ideal patients. In marketing, we often talk about the “ideal client.” That’s easier in the healthcare industry because a podiatrist’s ideal customer is someone with a foot issue, while a cardiologist’s is someone with a heart issue. We then use social media advertising and targeted Google Ads to focus on those individuals and make sure your practice is the first one they see. Simple.

Want to learn more?

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