Legend Vinyl Introduces a New Range of Vinyl Cleaning Kits and Tools

Legend Vinyl Introduces a New Range of Vinyl Cleaning Kits and Tools

July 18, 2022 – Legend Vinyl brings in an exclusive range of cleaning accessories and kits for the masses. This product range ensures deep cleaning of your vinyl to get crystal clear sounds again, thereby retaining it for several years. Their new product line includes vinyl dust brushes, a complete care vinyl kit, a vinyl record cleaner kit, and much more.

Legend Vinyl’s Velvet Dust Brush is a vinyl anti-static brush designed to last for years and will look great next to turntable and vinyl collections. It is made with high-quality materials to ensure the safe cleaning of the vinyl without any damage.

Moreover, these velvet brushes are better than the market-available options of carbon brushes. Velvet attracts dust easily. Also, the carbon brushes push over the dust, not remove it like the velvet ones.

Legend Vinyl dust brushes have long fibres that go inside the corners and clean out the vinyl deeply. This outstanding brush can be used to clean the LP before playing it.

Legend Vinyl has also put together the Complete Care Vinyl Cleaning Kit with serious collectors and music lovers in mind. The kit gives everything needed for cleaning, protecting, and preserving vinyl and LP records, meaning they last longer, and the sound quality stays fresh and enjoyable.

“Whether your collection is full of retro or modern albums, all records need some love. Keep your albums in top condition for generations to come by looking after them with this unbeatable cleaning kit,” – mentions a representative for Legend Vinyl.

Moreover, the Vinyl Record Cleaning Set consists of a 200ml vinyl cleaner fluid and a large microfibre cloth. This simple and high-quality vinyl cleaning kit is for people who are serious collectors but don’t get enough time to keep their vinyl clean. With just one swipe, they can achieve greater results with this kit.

To know more, visit: https://www.mylegendvinyl.co.uk/

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