Hermes Hour Hero metaverse platform officially launched globally

Hermes Hour Hero, a decentralized entertainment and game aggregation platform integrating entertainment, games and NFT, has recently announced its official launch and international expansion After several rounds of internal testing,with relevant metaverse products to be launched in Southeast Asian and some European countries, using localized operation strategies based on local conditions to help the development of the global market.

With the development of entertainment and game industries, world-renowned companies have begun to enter the DeFi industry. As we all know, the entertainment and game industry is a relatively popular industry in the world, which not only allows more players to experience the joy of the game, but also realizes the Play and earn mode.

Since its launch, Hermes Hour Hero has always focused on the research and development of blockchain games and has accumulated a number of seed users over the years and favored by old players in many countries. Benefits from the support of old users, Hermes Hour Hero has been widely discussed in major mainstream communities around the world as soon as it was launched. The launch of this Dimension Universe platform, quickly covered more than 20 countries such as Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, etc., and established some localized operation communities.

Hermes Hour Hero announced the launch of airdrop plan in order to feed back the support and trust of loyal players, giving participants 10 HHH tokens for free airdrops to enjoy the dividends brought by Hermes Hour Hero.

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Meanwhile, in order to increase the fun of GameFi, Hermes Hour Hero has launched a variety of gameplays,such as hash games, NFT medal games, etc., to ensure the fairness of the game with the help of the principles of transparency and non-tampering on the chain.

Returning to the spirit of blockchain, Hermes Hour Hero launched Hermes DAO autonomy, returning community management rights to users.Becoming the owners of the community, users make decisions by directly voting on. Any one can participate in community construction. A series of contributions in the DAO community, such as behaviors, proposals, and voting, will be recorded on the chain by smart contracts, and will be awarded to some DAO members with creative and valuable contributions in the form of HHH or NFT.

Hermes Hour Hero is also continuously expanding its ecological applications, providing more high-quality products for community users, and providing more stronger links for more fans of the blockchain industry in the field of digital entertainment games.

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