Coolpo AI Huddle Mini is Now Launched and Available in the Market

Today, Coolpo is formally introducing Coolpo AI Huddle Mini, a smart camera that makes video conferencing easy. This product solves the problem of not having the proper camera focus during online presentations. Remote participants will be able to see the onsite group in the way it was intended.

This device will accommodate users to have the best group and individual presentations online. Moreover, its use cases are not limited there. It can also be used for hybrid classes, huddle meetings, board discussions, and more.

With the ability to capture up to 4K resolution and an 8m microphone pickup range, this camera can help users create productive meetings without distracting background noise. It also features gesture recognition to easily enable/disable presenter mode with a simple gesture.

To enable presenter mode, an individual need only raise his/her hand. This prompts the Mini to zoom in on the designated presenter and follow them around the camera’s field of view. To disable it, the same gesture should be repeated by the presenter. Another person from the group can pick up the gesture and become the presenter by repeating the process.

With these features, it’s no wonder why Huddle Mini has been dubbed “the most intelligent meeting camera on the market.”

As to installation, it’s also flexible, so users can place it on a flat surface, clip it on top of your computer or TV monitor, or fix it onto a tripod.  But what makes this camera truly special is its ability to recognize who should be in the frame and adjust accordingly! All Coolpo products on the market are AI-integrated. As for the Mini, users can rely on the following features:

• 110-degree wide angle FOV
• Up to 4K resolution
• Automatic Group Framing
• Gesture Control to toggle Presenter Mode
• Gallery View for onsite participants
• Background noise reduction
• Echo cancellation

Future firmware updates will give rise to more AI-integrated features.

The perfect solution for small businesses, the Coolpo AI Huddle Mini is a powerful, yet compact conferencing unit that can connect up to seven people on the same screen. It features a clear and crisp digital display with intuitive navigation and manageability. The Coolpo AI Huddle Mini is the future of meeting rooms!

The Coolpo AI Huddle Mini is available on the Coolpo online store and on partner distributors worldwide! Interested buyers can book a demo online on their website. If they wish to have an onsite demo in Seattle, Washington D.C., or in Los Angeles, it can be arranged. Simply contact the Coolpo team to learn more!

About Coolpo:

Coolpo is a global company that provides award-winning products to businesses and organizations. They produce AI-integrated devices aimed at revolutionizing the online meeting scene worldwide! Coolpo’s flagship product, the Coolpo AI Huddle Pana, is an All-in-One video conferencing device that includes innovative features such as a 360° camera and speakers, 4 smart microphones, and Meeting Flex technology that stitches images together to create a panoramic shot of your huddle room spaces. Its plug-and-play feature allows users to maneuver the Pana easily. However, for advanced picture and video customizations, CoolpoTools is available for safe & free download as well. The company believes in protecting its customers’ privacy and security through its current and up-and-coming products and services. For more information, visit

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