Why Harvard Grad Shane O’Donoghue Built A Business Focused On Growing Companies With Email Marketing

The 2 Little-Known Email Secrets that Elevate Brands to the Next Level

As more brands invest in online marketing efforts, it turns out that one of the older strategies remains the most effective.

“The majority of businesses don’t know how to maximize their email marketing, which creates huge opportunities for the ones who take the time to get it right,” says Shane O’Donoghue, a marketer & copywriter whose company (O’Digital) helps businesses reap the rewards of effective digital marketing–specifically through email.

“It’s no secret that millions of businesses had to shift and prioritize online marketing over the last 2+ years. But it’s hard to figure out where to channel those efforts. From SEO to social media marketing (and everything in between), the temptation is to try everything rather than focus on one particular strategy. But the risk there is sacrificing depth for breadth. Plus, email easily offers the highest return on investment.”

Shane stresses that most businesses today only send emails with fancy graphics, discount codes, and buying links that feel impersonal and “sales-y.”

However, email marketing can and should be so much more than that.

“Email is one of the most personal ways to connect with prospects and existing customers. The goal for each business is to get their specific audience excited about reading their emails every day, like they would be when they receive a message from a close friend or family member.”

Shane’s experience working with high-growth Harvard startups and leading online coaches/doctors taught him that 2 factors matter above all else in email marketing:

“The first is the importance of sharing stories. Humans are storytelling creatures, plain and simple. The brands that tell the most engaging stories and uniquely relate it to their product/service are the ones that win in email marketing.

And the second is deliverability. So many businesses send emails to their list but have no idea whether they land in the Primary tab, Promo tab, or Spam folder. The problem with that? Ending up in the last 2 is about as effective as not sending the email at all.”

With email marketing projected to at least double in market size from 1.24 billion in 2021 to 2.53 billion in 2028, it’s never been more important for businesses to invest in these strategies.

And Shane has some parting advice for business owners who want to ramp up their email marketing but don’t know how:

“At the end of the day, email service providers only care about the user experience. The businesses that get people to read and engage with their emails are going to be way ahead of the curve.

People join a list for a reason, so don’t be afraid to email them regularly, ask questions, and take writing/storytelling risks. Audiences want to hear from their favorite brands. They want to feel something when they read emails and know that they’re part of a real community. Have fun with it!”

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