What Is PEO and Why Would a Company Need It? What Is PEO and Why Would a Company Need It?

Many organizations turn to a PEO when they need an off-site staff to carry out some of the daily operational requirements for their companies. Smaller companies don’t have the capital to hire several workers to manage payroll, accounting, HR, and track employee benefits. Instead, these companies can outsource these daily requirements to a PEO. 

What Is PEO?

Professional employer organization handles a variety of outsourced administrative tasks for other companies and organizations. The purpose is to avoid overburdening the on-site staff and let the company focus on its core competencies. With outsourced services, on-site workers are more productive and companies can save more time and money according to 

Improve Accounting and Payroll Services 

Many organizations do not have the staff to manage accounting and payroll services and deliver paychecks on time. With outsourced accounting and payroll services through a PEO, companies streamline these processes and improve efficiency. The workers get their paychecks as expected, and all financial records are accurate at all times.

Company owners may set up additional financial services with the service provider such as tracking employee hours, wages, and tax form preparation. Organization leaders find out Why partnering with a PEO is a smart growth strategy for small businesses by giving the services a try. 

Better Benefit Packages

A PEO can help organizations find better healthcare benefits packages for their workers and compare rates. These companies can also evaluate employee records and determine when workers qualify for these benefits, and the outsourced services include the management of payroll deductions for workers once they enroll in the health care insurance programs.

A co-employment contract with the PEO could give the business owner generous savings on group-rate health insurance and cover a portion of the cost of providing health care benefits for the workers. Business owners can hop over to this site and find more information about how these outsourced services work. 

Risk Mitigation and Safety Improvements

A PEO helps the organization acquire worker’s compensation insurance to protect their staff, and these professional employer organizations implement training programs for workers to help them remain safer on the job. Safety audits are a great way to determine if there are any existing risks in the workplace that could lead to worker-related injuries.

If the company isn’t OSHA compliant, the PEO can implement new policies and correct hazards in the work environment. More information about risk mitigation and safety improvements is available through service providers like ProService Hawaii

Supporting Human Resources Departments

Human resources services involve finding more talent for the organization based on the company’s hiring needs. The PEO coordinates with existing HR staff to screen possible employees and manage the worker’s files. PEOs and the company share data to improve HR operations and track workers.  

Professional employer organizations offer an array of outsourced services to streamline operations for smaller organizations. These PEOs manage accounting, payroll, HR, and risk mitigation for the client’s company, and they coordinate with the on-site staff to improve how the business operates and improve benefits for workers. Learn more about a PEO and how it will improve one’s business.

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