Brixton Forged Proudly Presents the Brixton Forged RS Series

Brixton Forged is an American manufacturer of bleeding-edge wheels for high-tier vehicles, described as arguably the top forged wheel manufacturer in the world.

Supercars, such as Ferraris, Porsches, McLarens, and Lamborghinis are praised not only for their unparalleled aesthetics but for their outstanding performance and speed. To ensure the driver’s safety, each component needs to be engineered with surgical precision, the finest materials known to man, and by the hands of professionally trained experts. 

Brixton Forged is an American company specializing in manufacturing and retailing boutique wheels for sports luxury cars, supercars, and hypercars. 

The company’s spokesperson imparted that each set of wheels Brixton Forged manufactures is hand-crafted in its facility in Los Angeles, CA, stating:

“Our product development team has decades of experience developing the highest quality forged wheels in the industry. Comprised of professional mechanical engineers and machinists, our team cuts no corners during the product development process and utilizes the highest quality raw materials. With a thorough understanding of vehicle dynamics, OEM load ratings, and material science, our team possesses the necessary skills to engineer not only stunning wheels but also ones which are safe and designed to perform,” said Brixton Forged’s spokesperson. 

The company recently introduced its heavily anticipated Brixton Forged™ RS-Series. Leveraging optimized surface mesh technology and a wealth of experience to create the best-performing motorsport-inspired wheels without making compromises when it comes to weight, each RS set embodies what Brixton Forged stands for – robustness, quality, and the fulfilled promise of perfection. 

As the company’s spokesperson divulged, Brixton Forged™ RS-series is “a fusion of motorsport, engineering, and design, all in one package.” What separates RS-series products from contemporary forged wheels is a combination of unequaled aesthetics, unbelievably lightweight construction, and a product that can endure a lifetime of use. 

“The goal was to ultimately shave weight and design a structurally optimized wheel with flawless surface transitions that is as artistic as it is technical. It’s our way of saying they’re light, they’re new, they’re unique, and they look damn good,” said Brixton Forged’s spokesperson. 

The RS-series was designed to cater to all needs of supercar drivers. Whether it be monoblock or centerlock designs, Brixton Forged offers an array of different models for Lamborghini, Porsche, Ferrari, and McLaren drivers. 

To ensure its new wheels complement the flamboyant aesthetics of any supercar, Brixton Forged offers a range of exquisite finishes. From standard finish variants comprising solid opaques, textures, and metallics, over premium finishes including polished transparent gloss and satin clears, to grit-brushed transparent gloss with satin clears, Brixton Forged offers a broad palette of colors, textures, and finish designs. 

The latest RS-Series is a direct continuation of the success the company had achieved with its premium Carbon+ Series™, which is comprised of world-class forged wheels featuring aerospace-grade aluminum faces, Dymag Boxstrom carbon fiber barrels, and RAU titanium assembly hardware.

More information about Brixton Forged is available on the company’s official Instagram page.

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