Author Norman Talsoe takes readers on an important journey of how to become Heaven-ready in his book, “God, The Here, and the Hereafter: The Way to Heaven”

Norman Talsoe, by the grace of God, has delivered “God, The Here, and the Hereafter” to prepare people across the globe for when angels will finally blow the horn as Christ returns to Earth.

Author Norman Talsoe brings an inspiring read that teaches readers what they must do to become Heaven-ready in his book, “God, The Here, and the Hereafter: The Way to Heaven,” now available in leading digital book stores globally.

Norman Talsoe states that while Christ’s second coming has been prophesied, nobody knows precisely when His comeback will be. Visions of Christ returning have been given to a selected few, and included in that roster is then 80-year-old Norman Talsoe, a Christian engineer.

He has been presented with two visions, which were both presented two years from each other. These apparent visions indicated a warning that Christ would come back in no time, returning to Earth within this generation’s lifetime. 

A famous doctrine of Christology, the prophesied Second Advent of Christ, is inferred in hundreds of Old Testament prophecies of future judgment on the world and a coming kingdom of righteousness on land. It is definitively explained in significant New Testament passages. The last book of the Bible, the Revelation of Jesus Christ, refers concretely to His Second Coming itself, as well as the millennium and future state that follows. 

For hundreds of decades, followers of Christ have been looking forward to the Second Coming, describing it as a period of peace and joy. However, before the Savior comes, people living on Earth would experience massive hardships and catastrophes.

According to Norman Talsoe, one of the realistic visions he had received from God was a task that instructed him to write a book with a specific given title. In this vision, he was told to write about eternity and support evangelizing the world. 

“This very vision of vision brought to life this book, ‘Accordingly, God, The Here, and the Hereafter: The Way to Heaven,’ which sought to walk the reader about God. The book was brought into life through God’s grace,” explains Norman Talsoe.

Talsoe has forwarded God’s promising and inspiring book, God, The Here, and the Hereafter: The Way to Heaven, at the age of 91. He saw this vision as a task from God Himself about what lies ahead for humankind and how they can be ready for the return of Christ. 

It was about a decade of expounding and shedding light on the Biblical last seven years of Christ’s 6000-year week. The arduous but fulfilling journey of writing down God’s task was a realization of how the Lord has utilized multiple miracles to convince Norman Talsoe to honor His request.

Those interested in getting a copy of “God, The Here, and the Hereafter: The Way to Heaven” can purchase them under the Spiritual/Religion section at leading book stores, including Book Depository. 

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