World’s First Visual Waste Disposal and Composter Aims to Combat Growing Environmental Concerns

World's First Visual Waste Disposal and Composter Aims to  Combat Growing Environmental Concerns

Cavdle WasteCycler is the world’s first visual waste disposal and composter. This unique product has already helped several people safely dispose of their wastes without causing any damage to the ecosystem. The Cavdle WasteCycler can create compost with three modes – a fast, two-hour garbage disposal mode, a standard mode with degradable plastic friendly and a ferment mode with low temperature.

Waste disposal has become a common concern now. With the growing population and climatic changes, waste disposers have become important to safely utilise the wastes without harming the environment. Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle, the 3 R’s for a sustainable future, have formed a crucial basis for waste management. The waste cycler from Cavdle is yet another recycling innovation to keep the world free from harmful waste products.

Cavdle believes in the power of recycling and reusing the waste for the betterment of the environment, thereby, reducing its hazardous impacts. Hence, the firm has created this unique product – the Cavdle WasteCycler – to safely deal with degradable wastes. Users who hate odor and garbage bacteria can recycle household waste with a fast, 2-hour mode to produce pre-composting material for enriching garden soil. The Ferment mode works at a low temperature and produces organic fertilizer. The Ferment mode allows micro-organisms to grow easily, and is superior to many other market models that use high and low temperatures and produce chopped dry matter.

Our system is odor-free, unlike the other traditional composting methods, and works by reducing the waste volume by nearly 90% which no other composting devices offer” said a spokesperson.

Cavdle WasteCycler’s Standard Mode solves the concern of disposal of degradable plastics to protect both terrestrial and marine environments. With a triple power filter system consisting of Carbon, Diatomite, and biological cotton, the Cavdle WasteCycler combats bad odour, bacterial growth, and sewage clogging. Moreover, the device is super quiet and produces only 35 decibels of noise. It also has a child safety lock to keep it safe from the children.

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