The Venezuelan Pedro Lacruz, in the exclusive list of cultivators of the 16-string guitar

He appeared in Anaheim at the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) Annual Trade Show, the world’s largest music products exhibition.

LOS ANGELES – Venezuelan musician Pedro Lacruz premiered in Los Angeles the particular 16-string guitar, designed by maestro Felix Martin, and entered the exclusive list of growers of the instrument.

Lacruz performed the particular 16-string guitar at the annual National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) show, the world’s largest music products exhibition, in Anaheim.

“Felix Martin expanded conventional guitar techniques, took them to a new level of difficulty, and broadened the musical language. Chords and melodies that are hidden in a common guitar can be achieved, or don’t exist, because it doesn’t have so many strings. It is useful in Venezuelan music, bossa nova, or rock, to give a few examples,” explained Pedro Lacruz.

In his opinion, playing the guitar with more than six strings “is always a challenge for the instrumentalist” because more hours of study and work must be included.

The guitarist, arranger, and composer recently released the production “Lost for words,” instrumental music for the film. He has also participated in rock bands such as Metal-Ash and Zombies No. In addition, he has performed in different genres, from jazz, salsa, and blues to rock and progressive metal. He has also collaborated with artists and groups such as Mumba Sound, Giuliana Lowlands, Ven Zen, Confractus, Kenn, 4 Signos, Gustavo Elis, and Yael Krausz.

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