Tough Love? A Candid Diary of an Assiduous Girl

Tough Love? A Candid Diary of an Assiduous Girl

Philippa Peters narrates her powerful, poignant, and engaging story of a young girl who against all odds, fought to stay on the right track of morality.

About The Author:

Philippa Peters (JOSJ) grew up in West Africa where she qualified and practiced as an Anesthesia Assistant. She moved to the UK to top-up her qualification from Diploma to BSc (Hons) in Perioperative Care, and intends to obtain a further degree in the nearest future. This is her first book, inspired by true events in her life. Apart from working in health profession and seeking new ways to improve both personally and professionally, in her spare time, she enjoys reading, dancing, singing, listening to music, cycling and writing. She finds writing as an opportunity to express her views on issues that are important to her, and is currently working on a second book in which she explores a cumulation of contemporary global issues, through storytelling.  

About The Book:

This memoir tells how she demonstrates courage, perseverance, and resilience in the most difficult of situations and proves that in a negative environment, an individual can choose not to be a product of that environment. Peters communicates that her life’s experiences were instrumental in shaping her into the strong, tenacious, and resilient woman she is today.

Tough Love? shares how the author’s faith sustained her throughout her experiences while offering a different perspective on domestic child abuse. It chronicles her experience of growing up, overcoming extraordinary challenges, and staying true to faith, family, and friends.

Domestic abuse is a serious problem in any society. It’s a problem we all share in different parts of the world, regardless of how developed or underdeveloped the country might be. Domestic violence can have devastating and life-changing effects on its victims. And even though most developed countries are doing serious work to tackle this problem, in my country, it is still a big problem that is under-recognized and easily minimized. Domestic violence can be physical or emotional abuse against a person, which leaves devastating effect on that person. But when such abuse is directed towards a helpless child, the long-term ruination of personhood can be significantly damaging and irreversible.

The aim of Tough Love? is not to cast blame on anyone but, instead, to point out areas where, except by divine intervention and besides the personal effects on the individual, domestic child abuse could lead to a problem that affects us all, whether directly or indirectly.

The book is not about sharing the most intimate details of the author’s life story with everyone. But rather about shining a spotlight on a problem the author believes can be helped by using a different approach. Although the author’s life experiences have been instrumental in shaping her into the strong, tenacious, and resilient woman she is today, but for her faith, she could easily have fallen into the wrong hands and would be telling a different story today.

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