ADU Agency Inc. Delivers Ease and Convenience in ADU Small Housing World

The ADU Agency has the skills, experience, and resources to design and build stunning ADUs at the most affordable prices in as little as 180 days.

ADU Agency Inc., a full-service accessory dwelling unit (ADU) design and construction company based in Los Angeles, California, is making ADU projects more convenient, accessible, and affordable for property owners. The ADU Agency team is fully-equipped to handle all the processes needed to complete the project – from design to City’s approval and construction. Best of all, they can deliver high-quality buildings with innovative designs, aligned with the client’s vision, in as little as 180 days. The team is so confident in keeping promises that you can start with as little as $500 for a down payment. The cherry on top? If the ADU garage conversion project is not submitted within four weeks, ADU Agency Inc. pays the client $1,000.

“You want it to be designed, permitted, and built, right? Then, you must go with ADU Agency Inc., the most trusted and likable company in the Los Angeles building and safety departments,” says the team.

ADUs are investments with incredible economic potential – either as a secondary living space for the growing family or a rental space for passive income. Whatever the case, working with the right agency is crucial for a positive return on investment.

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, ADU Agency Inc. has mastered the intricacies of designing and building ADUs. The in-house team consists of former building planners and engineering associates from the Los Angeles Building & Safety Department. They understand how complex and challenging it is to navigate city regulations; that’s why they strive to deliver customer-focused services tailored to make things as easy as possible.

The ADU Agency team is well-versed in regulatory shortcuts and has a wealth of insider knowledge that guarantees the quick approval of ADU permits. They are knowledgeable about safety and quality standards and industry-leading practices that maximize the living space without compromising quality and style. The team will ensure each element of the ADU is compliant with city regulations and goes beyond client expectations.

The agency has also built a network of reliable partners, including top suppliers, lenders and ADU specialists keen on seeing the successful completion of the ADU construction. From beginning to end, clients are kept abreast of the project status, so they have a clear understanding of the processes involved. Pricing is transparent, and an open line of communication is established throughout the process.

ADU Agency Inc. guarantees quality, integrity, and reliability in every project, whether big or small.

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