Ellecia Paine’s Transformational Coaching Package Can Help Adventurous People Have A Successful Non-Monogamous Relationship

People who want to navigate alternative relationship styles such as ethical non-monogamy, open relationships, polyamory, and swinging can do so with the help of Coach Ellecia Paine. Her 5-month Transformational Coaching Package helps support people’s connections and sexual growth.

Ellecia Paine is a relationship coach who helps adventurous people break the social conditioning of monogamy and learn how to navigate healthy alternative relationship styles. Ellecia has been working in relationships for many years and is an expert on open relationships, polyamory, and swinging. She provides one-on-one coaching to help one learn the skills he or she needs to have a successful non-monogamous relationship. She offers a Transformational Coaching Package that includes 5 months of sessions where she works with clients from any corner of the world, as the sessions are online. She takes them through mind-provoking coaching conversations, guide them through emotional liberation practices, and supports their connections and sexual growth.

When it comes to ethical non-monogamy, there are many different ways to make it work. But for many people, having a coach who understands the ins and outs of open relationships, polyamory, and swinging can be key to success.  That’s where Coach Ellecia Paine comes in. 

As a relationship coach who excels in ethical non-monogamy coaching, Paine helps her clients move through the challenges like jealousy, fear, anxiety, and insecurities in a way that strengthens their relationships, deepens their trust and builds a foundation for sustainable open relationships. Ellecia is also the host of Nope! We’re Not Monogamous. It is a podcast where Ellecia helps people navigate ENM (Enthusiastic non-monogamy), polyamory, open relating, swinging, kink, tantra, and life in general.

More information is available at https://www.elleciapaine.com/

According to Ellecia Paine, “Throughout the past 8 years of living in an ethically non-monogamous relationship while working as a sex, love, and relationship coach, I have acquired a wealth of knowledge on the topic. I believe in courageously challenging the status quo and empowering people to create relationships that work for them. When you partner with me in coaching, we work together to help you build a loving yet deeply connected relationship while assisting you in exploring what non-monogamy means for you. 

My private Transformational Coaching Package includes 5 months of sessions where clients can work with me from anywhere in the world. My sessions are online via video meetings which allows you to be in the safety and comfort of your home and bedroom.”

Ellecia Paine helps people connect deeply to themselves and their partners while exploring relationships that don’t fit in the box. She knows that everyone deserves to have the type of relationship that they want, regardless of what society says is “normal.” She is changing the social narrative on what a relationship is “supposed” to look like and is passionate about helping others do the same. She helps her clients gain clarity on their desires and find the safety, security, and confidence to share their relationships in the best way for them. She provides her clients with practical and powerful tools and practices that allow them to explore their non-monogamous desires in a healthy, informed way. 

About the Coach: 

Coach Ellecia Paine is a non-monogamy relationship coach. She specializes in helping people learn how to navigate healthy alternative relationship styles such as ethical non-monogamy, open relationships, and polyamory.

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