Announcing a new, and better, solution to combat unwanted chargebacks in e-commerce

There are many solutions offered at great cost, but they are reactive and try to get rid of the problem after the event. Now there is a new proactive approach to the problem that stops one from getting infected, and it is very inexpensive.

August 15, 2022 – is a unique proactive solution and brings a new approach to the problem of e-commerce loss. The purpose is to eradicate chargeback and refund problems.

Launched only last month it is already getting a lot of attention, positive feedback, and rapidly gaining momentum, acceptance, and subscribers.

The concept is simple itself and based on times gone by, where merchants would talk among themselves and blacklist bad customers.   

Available in the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia this is a necessity for SME websites and at $125(USD) per year is very affordable.

Roli Sharman, the man behind the idea, said:

“I can describe our business in one sentence –

‘We offer a service where, for $125 per year, merchants (subscribers) can list blacklist bad customers (deadbeats) and stop them from doing any more bad business with our subscribers.’

I would love to be able to talk for hours about the complex and wonderful advanced technology that we have developed but I cannot because our solution is so simple and intuitive. We are the hammer that drives in the nail, not the committee that deliberated on how to do it!

Are you fed up with getting ripped off for a few hundred dollars? It is a crime but no law enforcement agency will look at it and it is not worth suing. With chargebackdeadbeats, one can get even and stop fellow merchants from getting ripped off. I would like to see this virtual community of merchants grow into a force that can very substantially reduce this sort of problem.”


The website ( offers a data entry point where bad customers can be added to the blacklist. A few lines of code added to the merchant’s website check new customers to see if they are blacklisted. If listed, they are blocked from completing the transaction. Currently available in the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia.

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