JASMINER X4-Q: Low-noise Heating Miner

As energy prices rise, tens of millions of European households will be unable to afford heating costs this winter, and fall into the plight of “energy poverty”. Overall, the situation in Bulgaria and Lithuania is the worst, with nearly 30% of the total population in “energy poverty”.

In fact, heating and carbon reduction are a natural contradiction, and the desire to heat a home is bound to cost a lot of money in electricity. And now JASMINER, the world’s leading manufacturer of ETC miners, has come up with an innovative solution. The new product JASMINER X4-Q will be a new mining mode with high hash rate, low power consumption and low noise will reduce heating cost while earning crypto revenue for tens of millions of European families, while generating heat for European families to spend winter with peace of mind.

For energy saving and environmental reasons, JASMINER started to research high throughput chip technology at an early stage. JASMINER X4-Q is a representative product that applies 18 storage and computation chips with high throughput. It only needs 480w ±10% power consumption to get 1040MH/s ±10% super high computing power, with a low power consumption ratio of 0.48 ±10% J/MH, which brings better performance for miners.

In response to the pain point that many mining devices generate huge noise and consume huge power when in use, which greatly affects the mining experience, the JASMINER X4-Q creates a subwoofer no higher than 40 decibels through multiple noise suppression technologies and a silent system, reaching the lowest noise level in the industry, allowing it to be placed in a room to quietly mine without pressure. This server, because of the 3U standard form, allows the machine to expand the application of dual fans, which can reduce the machine operating noise to 40db, and allows the machine temperature to maintain a constant low-temperature operation, and then release the heat of excellent human comfort without generating excess noise, bringing home miners a more extreme quiet enjoyment, while a warmer indoor mining experience.

Overall, the JASMINER X4-Q performs very well, especially in terms of performance with the addition of the “silent” feature. With the original “high hash rate, low power consumption, low noise” technology, JASMINER X4-Q brings a quiet experience that makes people impressed, coupled with the high thermal efficiency of 97%, it is a very worthy of the majority of European family miners to buy winter heating products, interested users can click JASMINER Official store to browse more product information: https://www.jasminer.com/#/en/home/index

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