Daxsen Bank, Revolutionizing The FinTech Industry By Opening Up Digital Banks All Around The World

A new digital bank has been established in the financial hub of Ecuador. With the help of an investment management company, Daxsen Capital, a brand-new branch was opened this year.

The Daxsen group of companies has announced opening up the first-ever digital bank in Ecuador. The bank focuses mainly on digital banking. With two different headquarters in New York, the United States, and Guayaquil, Ecuador, the firm is on its way to leading the techno- financial industry. The firm intends to revolutionize the banking industry domestically and internationally by opening its first-ever digital bank. They want to provide banking access to every Ecuadorian along with all the financial services at the lowest minimum fee possible. In recent years, many Banks have been shut down because they could not survive in this economy, and this is because traditional banks need higher costs to operate. But Daxsen Bank wants to change the traditional style of banking. They believe it is unnecessary and costs more not just for the bank itself but for its customers and economy. In this age of viral technology, when everything is digitized, they believe that the banking sector should also adapt and modify itself to survive in this new era. Keeping this in mind, the Daxsen group launched the Neobank, the “Newbank”. The Idea is adopted by “Nubank”, a Brazilian-based open capital company.

The Daxsen bank aims to increase the profit of domestic and international banking by two folds. They want to transfigure the banking system by opening accounts free of cost. Through the management of low-risk products and services, the bank operates smoothly. The benefits include salary advances, confirming, and promissory notes. With its state-of-the-art technology, the credit factory works continuously with the increasing demand for transactional products. To offer more products and services to international customers, the bank is successfully securing low-cost fundraising by attracting more masses of customers.

Even without a lot of branches, the team behind Daxsen is dedicated to providing their clients with the highest level of service and 24/7 attention support. to offer clients reap benefits of digital bank in a stress-free manner, the team do attention-focused video calls to assist them for any queries and better understanding of the platform and services.

The bank allows customers to pay for large amounts on different applications or websites by using various securities and authorization techniques. For an even more significant amount, it will enable its users to pay virtually through their bank accounts by clicking on the payment button.

Furthermore, it also issues its users with debit, credit, or merchant cards. A merchant card will allow any institution to give their credit card through any financial institution. The cards are available at the card services facility at the point of sale. In addition, Daxsen will also provide many other services such as self-service kiosks, a mobile wallet, and an application for queries and consultation, CNB counters, and 24/7 chat support. It also allows third-party collection so that its customers can pay for services through different banking channels. The new bank also has a standard OTP system that sends OTP to customers to authorize their transactions. The OTP is sent every time before the transaction is confirmed through email, SMS, and in-app notification. To prevent fraud and money laundering, the bank has a SWIFT system. They monitor all the different bank channels to ensure that all international transactions are done successfully and securely. The bank is already in its second stage, expanding and attracting more customers worldwide. It also consists of acquiring the trust of financial companies, increasing correspondents in different countries, and providing transactions to third-party institutions. In the first phase, the bank received more local customers and provided customer service and products.

Daxsen bank is not just an ordinary bank. Through customer engagement and putting its customer first and foremost concern, it has become the most followed bank on social media, crossing over the larger banks such as Bank of America. Daxsen cares about its customers and offers assistance anytime they need it. As any business owner knows, customers are the backbone of every business. They are not only valuable to the business, but they also help market the business by spreading word of mouth. The marketplace is competitive as it has never been before in today’s world, making it difficult for budding enterprises to survive. Businesses must develop and maintain positive relationships with the customer base. This can be done through engagement on social media. Businesses have to ensure that they are meeting the needs and demands of customers. This can be done by actively listening to their queries and suggestions and implementing them as quickly as possible.

Moreover, positive engagement builds customer loyalty, which creates a solid customer base. Loyal customers tend to do business with the enterprises even at challenging times. For banks, attention is necessary to keep succeeding in the competitive environment. At Daxsen, they focus on providing a personalized experience to their customers. They take time to understand the customer’s needs and offer tailored solutions to help their customers reach their financial goals. The attention to little details has helped Daxsen to survive in this competitive market with a loyal customer base. There are many reasons to follow the social media pages of Daxsen bank.

First and foremost, the customers can avail of accessible customer service by asking any banking or financial services question. Customers can also get their questions answered within a few minutes. Avoid missing any potential promotion posts because banks often run exclusive promotions on social media pages. Customers should also follow the pages to stay updated with bank news. Any new service or product news is updated on social media, so to avoid missing that, follow the social media pages.

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