MNML Health Reinvents Fitness With Premium Accountability Programs

MNML Health is a health wellness platform specializing in accountability coaching. The company’s mission is to ensure its clients can consistently achieve their fitness goals.

NIH recently conducted one of the most impactful health-related surveys, which uncovered that nearly 1 in 3 adults are overweight while more than 2 in 5 adults struggle with obesity. Thousands of people are actively searching for solutions that could help them lose weight and attain a decent level of fitness, resorting to fat loss diets and weight loss products. 

MNML Health, an American company came to the scene with a solution – while exercises, intermittent fasting, and good nutrition can make an impact, the company’s founder states that accountability is the key to achieving fat loss. 

MNML Health is a health accountability platform that offers a streamlined, tried, and tested method to lose weight, as well as a range of strength and nutrition plans. 

The company’s founder, John Schaefer, has imparted that one of the main inspirations behind creating MNML Health is the market’s lack of health & fitness platforms and programs that can continue empowering their clients after the program has ended, stating the following:

“There are 10 million nutrition/fitness/fat-loss programs out there, all promising the same thing. And to their credit, some of them do a pretty good job. The issue with all of these programs though, is that they’re only great so long as you stick with them. That’s the hard part. It’s also why I created MNML Health. We hold you accountable every day ensuring you crush your goals,” said MNML’s founder. 

What separates MNML Health from contemporary fitness and weight-loss platforms is a combination of factors, including but not limited to accessibility, a variety of programs, a professional approach to accountability-based advice, and expert coaches. 

Through daily feedback and accountability coaching, MNML Health’s instructors and coaches ensured that the platform’s users can consistently achieve their goals. Routine check-ins, tasks, and feedback form the building blocks of MNML Health, encouraging the users to reinforce healthy habits, eliminate potentially hazardous ones, and strive to improve one day at a time. 

Schaefer realized that accountability is the key to achieving a sustainable level of health and fitness, stating the following:

“Accountability is everything and we’ve made it simple. Our clients aren’t just crushing their health and fitness goals. They’re crushing their work goals, marital goals, and life goals as well! Let us hold you accountable so you show up every day instead of just when it’s convenient,” said MNML Health’s founder. 

The platform offers two subscription options, including the legacy MNML Health program, and MNML Pro – a SaaS-based accountability program that includes a plethora of recipes, workouts, nutrition guides, as well as a 1-on-1 accountability coaching experience via text messages.

More information about MNML Health and its programs is available on the platform’s official website.

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