Books, films and marketing: Contento Now, led by international publisher Netanel Semrik, enter the Chinese market

For about ten years, the international publisher Natanel Semrik, together with representatives of the Chinese government, has been creating distribution channels into China and from there to the West for creators from around the world. These channels are a new bridge of culture, books, films, marketing campaigns and of course also businesses.

For the past two decades, Netanel Semrik has served as the CEO of Contento Now, an international publishing house and agency for creating content through digital and physical channels. Businessmen, creators, therapists and key people in Israeli society find in Contento a service address for the publication of stories, books and businesses both on the national level and On the international level, in recent years the Contento Now group has also been joined by creators from around the world, who seek assistance in reaching new international audiences.

Creators who find in Contento Now the bridge from Israel into China in particular and from China to the West in general. The publisher, Netanel Semrik, describes how his personal journey to publish his first book “Jonathan in the Kingdom of the Balloons” which deals with managing emotions for children in four different languages ​​(Hebrew, English, Arabic and Chinese), allowed him to expand the spectrum of Content Now services to create international content and cultural bridges for the audience as well extensive Israeli, so that their works will reach distant markets, also to readers in China, especially in these challenging days.

Netanel, what is your strongest personal memory from China?

“The beginning. I remember my personal journey, of my book ‘Jonathan in the Kingdom of the Balloons’ when it was published in various social networks and in many libraries around the world in four languages. Thanks to the journey to find new markets and audiences for my book, I was exposed to a new world of distribution and got to know new distribution platforms in Arabic-speaking countries And English and of course new bridges to China, to my books and to all the books represented by Contento and selected by the Chinese government. This is how we built and are building a cultural bridge from the West into China.”

Netanel Semrik’s personal journey, through a close network of personal connections with representatives of the Chinese government, turned into a multitude of signed distribution contracts with the official importers and exporters of the Chinese government, CNPIEC, alongside a series of leading publishers in China in various fields. The personal connections have been especially preserved even in recent months, so that writers and creators from Israel and the West succeed, with the help of spreading their story, to turn themselves into an international bestseller. The method and way to realize an experience of international success is detailed in the new book by Netanel emrik: “You are a Best Seller”, which provides tools for international success thanks to your story – in China and of course in the West.

What are the stages of the international marketing process of a writer or creator from the West?

“Each person has a story and a path that is unique only to him, and we strive to match the milestones to the person,” Semrik replies. “The most thought-out thing is the twin of expectation. For those who come with fantasies that only one percent of the readers in China will buy his book and he will become a billionaire and that is why he turns to us, I immediately explain that Santa Claus appears mainly in fairy tales. The way to the world is based on one key question: what is the uniqueness of Your international story?

The unique story is the most important opening. From here we will build your digital assets digitally: on social networks and video. We will film this story in interviews in our television studio, we will write, we will create digital marketing platforms that will brand your unique story in the world, then we will turn to the digital media, the media, to bring traffic of readers, of bloggers, of those interested in your story and then we will bring precise traffic of your target audiences In the various networks and into your platforms – readers and end customers on Facebook, LinkedIn, Amazon using the ads manager to create ‘leads’, interested people who want to purchase your services.

And all while being closely accompanied from the stage of writing, photography, consulting and training in your sales talks under your sole responsibility,” Semrik explains alongside the marketing team with him.

Please share one of the success stories for entering China?

“Israeli creators who wish to start stepping into the large Chinese market can do so with responsible and dedicated support. One of them is Maj. Gen. (res.) Danny Yatom, the former head of the Mossad, who recently, with the help of Contento, published his international book about the Mossad also in the Chinese language and managed to reach audiences Some of them even came to watch the celebratory launch event at the International Book Fair in Beijing, including the representatives of Iran, from the guest of honor of that fair, who watched in amazement a few meters away next to the former head of the Israeli Mossad.”

It is a great honor to be on stage at the launch event of my book, which is now being launched in Chinese, the fourth language in which the book is distributed after Hebrew, English and Russian,” said the former head of the Mossad, Danny Yatom in his speech at an international book fair in China, on the occasion of the launch of his book.

“I decided to translate my book into Chinese, in light of the special relationship that exists between the two peoples – the Jews and the Chinese – in light of the great interest the Chinese take in events in the Middle East, and also thanks to the great similarity between the two peoples, two ancient peoples who managed to preserve their unique culture over the years,” Yatom adds For the TV cameras of Contento Now at the launch event in the presence of senior Chinese government officials, alongside a long line of Chinese residents who came to purchase the book and receive an autograph and handshake from the head of the Israeli Mossad.

Netanel, what about paving the opposite route from China out to the West?

“Exactly the same way – just in the opposite direction. The trip to China, to leading publishers in the country, brought us together with masterpieces of Chinese culture that also wanted to tell their story in other languages ​​of the world,” Semrik replies.

Some of the creators in China wrote, for example, the first books in the world that provide a unique view from the inside from China, about China’s technology and internet giants, companies such as ALIBABA or TENCENT. At their request, Contento provides Chinese government publishers with translation services into Hebrew, Spanish, English, Hebrew into Arabic and, of course, distribution of the books among the exact target audiences in each language. The heads of publishing in China, gentle and pleasant government figures, who choose to market their stories through the international home for the publication of content in several languages, participate In a fascinating meeting of dialogue between cultures”.

Language is a connection between cultures, but also a connection between two very different powers. Another book that relates to this topic belongs to the former Chinese ambassador to Israel, which seeks to describe the special relationship between the two countries. Through the bridge created by Contento Now, an opportunity was created to witness the friendly and special relationship between the two countries, to bring to light the unique Chinese culture to an Israeli audience, and to describe the colorful Israeli culture to the Chinese in their own language.

But not only Chinese creators who wish to go out into the Western world with their story will find the address for the task in Contento Nao. As soon as you also want to make your personal or business story international, we will be happy to meet you at Contento Now, face-to-face in a video meeting, and offer you our package of services that includes, joint thinking, building a practical strategy for entering the international market, an individual marketing plan for you through digital means Alongside a physical presentation at relevant international fairs in China and of course abroad (in London and Frankfurt), editing, translation, filming in TV studios, opening digital channels, professional accompaniment in up to 12 different languages ​​and participation in international conferences, whether in China or anywhere else in the world.

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