Crochetree Crochet Doll Patterns Help People Cope with Boredom and Anxiety Post Pandemic

This company aims to bring sanity into millions of women’s lives in the rise of mental health issues among people of all ages in the last two years.

Dealing with mental health and burnout issues can be a challenge, especially among high-achieiving women. To keep their mind off overthinking, some women turned to following artistic pursuits like crocheting. One of them is Ticiana Larocca, a wife, mom, doctor, and now an entrepreneur who successfully launched her crocheting hobby into a successful business.

Crochetree, Larocca’s company, offers crochet doll patterns to hobbyists who are looking for a Do-It-Yourself project to cope with their boredom or anxiety during the pandemic. Larocca shared that this activity kept women sane after the pandemic. “In the rise of mental health issues among people of all ages in the last two years, there was an art that brought sanity into millions of women’s lives,” she said.

Amigurumi, or doll crocheting, is the Japanese art of knitting stuffed creatures using yarn. It is a combination of the Japanese words Ami which means “knitted or crocheted” and nuigurumi meaning “a stuffed doll.”

Crocheting has long been a popular hobby among women and science has listed several benefits people get from doing it. An international study explored the effects of crochet on well-being among 8,391 people interviewed. According to the study, respondents reported that crochet made them feel calmer, happier, and more useful.

As a person of science herself and a fan of handmade crafts, Larocca gave crocheting a try in 2020. At first, she found it very challenging. Finding her way through some YouTube videos, she eventually learned how to read patterns, execute simple techniques, and began making Amigurumi animals. After enjoying several attempts, she thought of creating dolls instead of plush animals. The result is Crochetree.

Larocca’s doll designs are ideal for kids and kids at heart. “We pride ourselves on providing our customers with all the information they need to make gorgeous, sophisticated, and high-standard dolls for their loved ones or themselves,” she said. She made the detailed patterns simple and hassle-free, so anyone can easily follow them.

Feedback for the brand has completely endorsed its quality. One of its clients, Jenn Armstrong said, “I bought the Louise pattern and was super excited to dress her up for Halloween. My daughter and her doll dressed up together. The patterns are super straight forward and my kid just loves her doll. She is so proud that I made her and shows it off at the park often. Your patterns have brought a lot of happiness to my house at a much-needed time. Thank you so so much.”

Crochetree also offers patterns for doll eyes, apparel, accessories, and more. To browse, shop, and learn more about Crochetree, visit

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Crochetree provides easy-to-follow crochet doll patterns to customers worldwide. Its founder, Ticiana Larocca is a wife, mom, doctor, and now entrepreneur who believes in the power of crocheting as an ideal hobby that helps individuals cope with mental issues and burnout. The company provides step-by-step instructions with photos for a hassle-free guide to crocheting.

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