Application Of Fiber Cutting Laser Machine On IPhone M1 Pro/Max MacBook Pro

A report today answers a public question about the iPhone’s new M1 Pro/Max MacBook Pro USB-C ports: whether they support the new USB PD 3.1 EPR standard required for fast charging.

Unfortunately, the news is not optimistic. Although there is a specification that supports the higher voltage required, the new 16-inch MacBook Pro 2021 model does not support it.


Background overview

When the USB-C standard was developed, there was a specific charging standard called USB-C Power Delivery (PD). This allows up to 100W of power to be provided via the USB-C cable.

This was great at the time, but with the advent of higher-powered laptops, more power was needed. A new standard was developed to support power transmission up to 240W, and the iPhone company played a role in promoting this standard. This new standard is called USB PD 3.1 Extended Power Range (EPR). This can provide up to 48V at a voltage of 5A, supporting any power up to 240W.

The iPhone’s new 16-inch MacBook Pro 2021 charger uses the new USB PD 3.1 EPR standard, which is the first charger on the market to do so.

The 14-inch MacBook Pro 2021 model is not affected because the charger is 96W.

The USB-C port of MacBook Pro2021 does not support fast charging

USB-C engineer Benson Leung posted on Reddit that there is no USB-C to USB-C cable that supports EPR, so fast charging can only be done through the new MagSafe 3 port.

“The iPhone played a role in proposing new voltage levels of 28V, 36V, and 48V to the USB working group, so it is reasonable that they plan to release the first implementation.

However, there is currently no C-C cable that reaches the EPR level. Apple is using some proprietary cables from MagSafe. “

However, Jason Snell said, the lack of proper cables is not the only problem.

“On 16-inch MacBook Pro models-all of these models are equipped with a 140W adapter-people can only charge super fast through MagSafe. Although there is a new specification that allows higher power transfer through the USB port Level, but the Thunderbolt 4/USB 4 ports on the MacBook Pro don’t support it. Of course, people can still charge through these ports—but not at super fast speeds.”

The possible explanation is that the EPR standard is too new, so no supplier has produced a USB-C port that includes it. Or, at least the iPhone did not consider custom implementation. Some users even expressed surprise that the iPhone managed to incorporate it into the new MagSafe port. The latter fact explains that the company has internal tracking of the development of the standard, so it can create compatible proprietary cables, so users of MacBook Pro 2021 models who want fast charging will only be able to use MagSafe chargers and cables.

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