Award Winning Marketer Releases A New Book Teaching How To Earn On YouTube Without Creating Content

Fasih Ahmad, a full-time web entrepreneur is releasing his new book ‘Zero Creation Profits’ to guide people to earn without content creation.

Video content has revolutionized the social media. Almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day. In an average month, 8 out of 10 18–49-year-olds watch YouTube. However, creating videos can be a pain if one is not savvy enough. But how about earning a consistent passive income by uploading others’ videos on YouTube? Seems unreal? Well, it isn’t.

Zero Creation Profits is a new book that teaches how to generate consistent passive income from YouTube. The book teaches how to build a profitable YouTube channel and make money from day one by creating no content.

When asked where he finds his passion for helping others, the book author Fasih Ahmad explained, “The world is very rapidly getting divided into net consumers and net producers of content. And content producers are getting richer at the (invisible) expense of people who don’t create much content of their own. So, I aim to help everyone who doesn’t produce content on the internet to start creating content fluently and making outrageous profits in the process.”

Fasih Ahmad explains how one can earn passive income from their channel by using passive income methods that are simple and easy to use for anyone without creating or selling any product. The book is a practical example of setting up an account with YouTube and getting started earning money by monetizing the videos—all without worrying about creating content. It also talks about why it’s important to start earning money now while the YouTube market is still hot so that creators can make sure to cash in on all the opportunities over the coming years.

The book costs $19.95, but people can grab a free copy at for a small period.

With a glamorous way of earning, Zero Creation Profit is a debut release of Fasih Ahmad Media Ltd., which have big hopes for its success.

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