Red Oyster USA is redefining Oyster catering with its unique services, tasty oysters and gifted Oystertainers

Red Oyster USA is a leading oyster catering service in the US. The company works with family-owned oyster farms that share the Red Oyster ethos and bring the best, freshest oysters to the satisfaction of its clients.

When it comes to oysters, people seem to either love them or hate them—or are nervous to try them. Whatever your opinion on oysters, there’s no denying the many oyster nutritional benefits. For these small, tasty morsels, so profoundly prepared by Red Oyster USA, one doesn’t have to chew to release the tastes coming out of the oyster. They are also very high in essential minerals and protein; little wonder around 2 billion oysters are eaten yearly, earning them the apt appellation of ‘canary of the ocean.’

The company’s Oyster catering services are inclusive of both private and corporate events. Draped in leather aprons, steel buckets, and iron mesh gloves, these gifted hands known as Oystertainers or Oystershuckers walk around at your party or event while opening the best oysters and entertaining your guests. A standout quality of the company’s Oystertainers is their unique personalities, complemented by their passion for their craft and the infectious energy and enthusiasm they work with.

”Oystertainment® is an unforgettable experience, which is what we think opening and sharing oysters should be. We shuck oysters on the spot, in every location,” said Matijn Wijn, the founder of the company. ”A party at your house, a wedding, a bar mitzvah, a corporate event, or the annual summer outing: every Oystershucker of Red Oyster can oystertain you anywhere, at any time!”

It is said that with longevity comes experience, and with experience comes greater expertise. Red Oyster USA has been in the Oyster catering business for 5 years, a period within which they’ve amassed an enviable wealth of experience and reputation as one of the best Oyster caterers in the world.

The exciting services of Red Oyster USA have elicited rave reviews from the general public. According to an independent journalist: ”We happened to be at a party and encountered an oyster catering company, and I was intrigued by the concept. Oyster shuckers were roaming around the party, talking with guests and shucking raw oysters on the spot. They wore leather aprons with a special belt for all the condiments and two buckets, one filled with fresh oysters and one for the empty shells. The oyster shuckers were very knowledgeable and had mastered the art of opening oysters. Fascinated by their unique concept and astounding services, I dug deeper to know more about the company.”

”After a detailed search of their websites, reviews, and media publications, I realized that if you have run a successful business for more than 20 years on two continents, you must be a real professional. And from my own experience, Oystertainment really gives your party an extra sparkle. Red Oyster USA is the best oyster catering service in the United States!’

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